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    Add/Drop debate

    So i'm in a league with friends one of which continuously adds and drops players on a daily basis. I understand what he is doing is not against any rule as we do not have a set limit for add/drops for the week. However, I believe there should be a limit as I have been in leagues where there has been a limit and it has made managers have to be a little more strategic then just picking up a player since he's playing. My question here are add/drop limitations common in your history of fantasy sports/do you prefer limits or no? Any input would be greatly appreciated

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    • Need some advice from some people. Who is a better player to have in these two scenarios. Dan Hamhuis or Rafael Diaz and Saku Koivu or Milan Michalek

    • H2H usually has limits. Other leagues may not. But like Amy says it doesn't help you win. I have made a few moves this year but I think they strengthened my team. There is one guy in my league that makes a ton of moves every year and he usually finishes near the bottom. So I say let him make the moves and watch him sink.

    • I've never played in a H2H that didn't have some form of limits. Usually it's two or three adds per week although one league I'm in has a limit of 40 moves per season. I haven't played a H2H with no limits and I don't think I'd join a league without them.

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      • Personally, I add/drop a couple of times a week. I view it as having one roster spot that I can rotate role players into and out of to help me in a specific category. This is not unlike a NHL coach rotating players in and out of the roster to match up against other players and teams. This usually happens with the tough guys and the good defensive players.

    • I personally prefer limits. I hate playing with people who add and drop on a daily basis. Thankfully though, I've only played with someone like that maybe twice. I havr noticed that for the most part, in the unlimited leagues I'm in everybody pretty much sticks to necessary moves. Some do gey carried away, but I've also noticed that making the most moves doesn't guarantee winning the league. I set weekly limits in the league I run. You get seven moves a week, it works really well. I personally like the idea of managing the same team for the season, with a few moves here and there, due to injury or poor play.

    • yeah it's kinda #$%$ when that happens, but if you joined a league knowing the rules before the start of the fantasy season... you knew what you would be getting into.. if you're not liking his moves, then I say you simply do the same since your league is set up as such.. I personally don't prefer limits however having same day add/drop can be extremely helpful and advantageous in H2H..
      Limits are there to stop people from just locking up a bunch of players and putting them on waivers however that's still all part of the strategy hence why there are two separate formats.


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