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  • Jeff Jeff Feb 11, 2013 3:12 PM Flag

    slumping bad..

    Although I agree that your team is underperforming there are definitely some issues being it only a ten team league. Your defense is poor, there must be upgrades somewhere. I also don't see Pavelec as a top 20 goalie. I would however look to deal Henrique. He has good value right now and there are definitely better centers (Lecavalier, M.Koivu and keep your eye on D.Roy as well) that should be still available.

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    • Lecavalier, M. Koivu, are both taken, most people are set at center, and the problem with D is that most teams have poor d as not very many have emerged as elite fantasy studs with the exception of Karlsson and some can argue Letang and Chara.. but overall most teams are balanced in D and it just depends which one helps put the puck in or spend some time in the box. While it's only a 10 team league, we select 4 keepers and those 'elite' d men were all kept. I also didn't want to use all my top picks (traded two rounds away last season) on D so I took the chance on Doughty who has been a disappointment so far this year. My centers are good with Kopi and Briere/Richards and now Henrique. C is the deepest position in the league so it's hard shopping a hot one when everyone else has a legit starter/stud. Thanks for the input and I'll def. keep an eye on Roy.