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  • Shawn Shawn Feb 6, 2013 8:49 PM Flag

    Why the Fire Sale, on Andy McDonald?

    Have seen "the market crash", on Andy McDonald today...didn't see any injury report (we all know that will happen, sooner than later). I'm wondering why the trend is going this way for him, when there are PLENTY of heavy hitters out there, who have basically the same stats, over their first nine games. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, for instance, has VERY similar stats (total points over nine games, etc.), and no fire sale there, even with his shoulder flaring up today; hope it's not the same one that he had surgery on last year. I reference Nuge here, seeing as how I have him on one of my teams, along with Andy, but there are PLENTY of other top-notch players out there, who have VERY similar stats, to McDonald's. Just wondering why the "sell off", when he's on a pretty-decent line.

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