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  • Jeff Jeff Feb 6, 2013 1:11 AM Flag

    min 4 goalie appearances per week head to head league

    kinda new at the fantay leagues .im in a league that has a min 4 goalie app a week. i only have one goalie . do those points for goalie catergories automatically go to a tie for that week or does my opponent get the points for that week

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    • you really should have at least 2 goalies in a league like this. And i would say preferrably 3. Certain guys can be drafted/picked up for just this purpose. If you don't make the minimum ruled innings/games/time in most leagues like this you simply lose all categories relating to goalies. Pretty much as if a real life team didn't field at least 2 goalies; it wouldn't be a good idea. I hope you are in like an 8 team league (or 10 at most) and there are good backups laying around. Like Vokoun that Swede on ANA or greiss on SJ. Also, Hedberg on NJ (him and Vokoun seem to be getting the most starts WITH good stats. If you have 1 REALLY good goalie, like Rask or somesuch, and don't mind being COMPLETELY dependant on every start, you could stream (i.e. each day look for backups with good matchups and pickup one on a day-to-day basis). But, unlike in baseball, there aren't 150 starters per week to look from. Try 45, at most.

    • Your goalies stats will get zeroed out like you haven't played a goalie at all. Your opponent will get the points provided they had at least 4 goalie appearances. Sounds like you need another goalie.


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