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  • Brock W Brock W Feb 5, 2013 2:03 AM Flag

    Dynasty League Trade Advice....

    Give - Patrick Kane
    Get - Ryan Getzlaf, Kevin Shattenkirk

    Current Roster
    Forward - Malkin, Seguin, J. Staal, Perry, Van Riemsdyk, C. Stewart, P. Kane, B. Schenn, Neal, Galchenyuk
    Defense - J. Johnson, Keith, Suter, Despres, Ryan Murray
    Goalie - Rask, Howard, Fleury, Markstrom, Bernier, Bachman

    I would probably drop Bachman. I'm a Penguins fan, thus I've watched Simon Despres. I believe in him. Call it intuition. I could be wrong, but I'll take that bet. I would honestly probably try to package Getzlaf and a defenseman (read: Keith/Suter) after completing this deal to get another young stud. What do you think? If you have a question for me, please, direct me towards it. I'm always willing to help those that will help me.

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      • Yeah I understand what your saying. I think you do have to go with your head on this one though. I mean Kane isn't even in his prime yet and he's already shown he is a point per game player. I understand you wanting to deal away some of your offence to balance your team a bit more but this is at a huge expense. Will it really take getz and one of those d guys for Hamilton? Nail I can see having pretty high value right now because he is so hyped but I mean you have kane, I would keep him over Nail anyway. Hamilton you should be able to get for a lower cost I would imagine. And if not why not just trade away some of your other offensive depth for a slight upgrade at D. Personally I think your D is pretty strong. Things look pretty good in net as well. Rask for me is probably the best keeper goalie. I'm not huge one on fleury or howard and personally would be trying to upgrade them for quick or lundy or possibly price. Anyway, I've rambled enough, hope this helps.

    • Hmm. If your intention is to do this deal just to re-trade Getz and another good d man to try and get another young stud I say don't bother doing this. Kane is a young stud, and one of the better ones in the league. Who would be another young stud that you would be trying to acquire and would prefer to have over Kane in the first place? And is Shattenkirk really that much of an upgrade over Suter or Keith? If you were planning on doing this and keeping the guys you trade for than this would be a lot closer. Depending on your league stats of course, but I think overall you would be adding a decent amount of assists, ppp, +/-, pim etc. with the haul you are getting. But like I said if you do this just to turn it back around it ends up being P.Kane and Suter/keith for Shattenkirk and whichever stud you think you could get. And unless that stud if Tavares, Stamkos, Crosby, Malkin, Giroux or MAYBE Eberle I don't see a point. And that begs the question of whether someone in your league would give you any of those guys for Getz and Suter/keith and I think probably not.

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      • Appreciate the reply, Dan.

        Call it an obsessive thing, but I like to have a balanced roster. Right now, I have three C/RW (Malkin, Kane, Seguin) and only two C/LW (J. Staal, B. Schenn). It's stupid, but it bothers me. And I think my defense could use some work (also not totally sold on my goal-tending, but I'll live with it for now). I might try to turn Getzlaf + Keith/Suter for Dougie Hamilton or Nail Yakupov. I think my defense could use some work, hence the reaching out for young prospects like Despres and Murray. I've already got enough offense going on this roster, no doubt in my mind. As far as getting one of those guys you mention, I doubt very much I'd get any of those guys, but I'm looking next generation.

        I really do like Shattenkirk as a defenseman. But.... You're right, it is Patrick Kane we're talking about. I think I've been trying to talk myself into this one with my heart and wanting to get out of it with my head. The head has to win when it comes to running a team though, eh?


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