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    I really don't get this NON stop obsession with "who wins this trade". I dare say this is why most of you will CLAIM to be great fantasy players, but most of you never win any in reality, because you focus on WINNING THE DEAL, versus WINNING THE LEAGUE. In a GOOD trade, BOTH SIDES get what they NEED! A friend taught me in year 2 of playing fantasy, "DO NOT focus on HIS end of the deal, focus on what YOU are getting, and if it helps you, DO IT. If it doesn't fix your shortcoming(s), DONT do it." You guys are so obsessed on "Winning" the deal! Dudes! It's fantasy! It's FREE! Who CARES? And frankly, WHO KNOWS who wins anyway? How many times has a deal in my own leagues gotten done that seemed like a total ripoff, and yet, not ONCE has a single deal determined who won EITHER league of mine, in 13 combined years! RARELY does a deal turn a loser into a winner. Often, it turns out different than you THOUGHT it would. But this obsession..good god..you guys need a life! (And this is coming from a HARD playing commishioner of two leagues!)

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    • Most people need justification for the trades they make. They need people to tell them how amazing they are at making a deal. You could use similar arguments to people who veto trades. This should only be done when there is dumping or some sort of collusion.

      Your job as a fantasy hockey player is to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and sometimes you need to use trades to address them. Seasoned fantasy hockey players don't usually ask this question as they are smart enough to evaluate this on their own. Seasoned hockey players may ask if people think they should consider doing a trade or purely to make sure they are looking at it objectively.

      Some people take this fantasy hockey really seriously, free or not, which is fine, but I don't get cheating to win a free league. In my eyes it's actually pretty pathetic. Also when someone asks me if they won a trade I come back with the answer "it depends" and then list a multitude of factors that lead to someone "winning" a trade.

    • I agree with most of what you're saying. A good trade is definitely one that makes your team better than it was before the deal. So sometimes you "lose" the trade in pure value but win the trade because you trade away excess strength to strengthen a weakness. So yeah the question on who wins can be a good question depending on whether the person posting it doesn't just put up one player for another without also putting what the makeup of the league and the team is. But if you don't like these kind of questions, just don't read or reply to them. But good trades do turn teams around. I can't say all the good trades I have made have been won based on value but they helped a deficiency that I needed to fix and have helped me win multiple times.

    • It's good that the government still at least somewhat protects free speech........


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