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  • Brock W Brock W Feb 5, 2013 2:08 AM Flag

    Who Wins? I'm thinking about Trading Vanek while hes on fire.

    For one of those two, I honestly wouldn't.

    I'm not sure that Buffalo is ever going to figure out the defensive end of things. I've watched Tyler Myers for a few games now and he just looks lost. He doesn't play up to his size either. Doesn't use his reach. Doesn't skate well.... I'll stop there. But, the offense, I think that may continue to some degree. Vanek is no slouch. Pominville had 80 points last year. And Hodgson seems to have given the two of them some new energy. I'd be a little concerned about an injury hiccup, but I wouldn't concern myself with Staal or Nash. Staal and the Canes are cold as a corpse. Nash is on a new team and only had a week for training camp. You can't develop chemistry that quickly, baby.

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