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  • Farkus Underwood Farkus Underwood Feb 1, 2013 9:01 PM Flag

    Drop Pavelec for Nabokov or Vokoun?

    I have Brian Elliott and Ryan Miller as my other goaltenders. Vokoun is hot, but still a backup. And Nabokov is at least getting wins. Advice?

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    • Tough spot in having Elliot and not Halak as well...I feel Pavelec and Nabokov have roughly a similar value. I don't expect either to have amazing wins, gaa, sv% at all. And even though Nabby is getting wins now, the islanders aren't really a great team. Vokoun on the other hand is a good goalie, on a good team that wins will likely come in most of his starts. But yeah he is a backup. With the condensed schedule there are a lot of back to back games so its likely he will get a fair share of starts and I also feel they will go with the hot hand and its possible both goalies get a very similar amount of starts. I'm not sure I would drop pavelec for either, but I do think it would be a good idea to puck up Vokoun. Depends on your league rules and stat categories for goalies though. If there are saves as a category it would be smarter to hold a goalie who starts more such as pavelec. If it's not and you only need 3 starts a week, maybe vokoun would be a better option because he should produce better gaa and sv%.


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