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  • ConcernedBiologist ConcernedBiologist Feb 1, 2013 7:41 PM Flag

    Vanek and Ovechkin for Giroux and Bobby Ryan

    Philly may be a mess, but Bryz isn't the reason. 4th ranked goalie in the NHL with 4 starts, at a .927 SV%.

    I would take any opinion you have on hockey with a grain of salt.

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    • LOL OK buddy thanks for your opinion but this isn't about Bryz (who's the 17th rated goalie right now in my league). It's about the 4 players in the deal. Anyways best of luck in your pool. :)

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      • Thanks for your concern, I'm in first place in both of them, one a 16 team, the other a 20 team league.

        I wasn't commenting on Bryz as a part of the deal, it was in response to YOUR opinion that he was part of the Flyers issues. He is not, as the statistics show definitively. He is the number 4 goaltender in the league, with a minimum of 4 starts...not counting your fantasy league's #$%$ scoring settings. We're talking about REAL NHL stats, chiachi.

        In any case, giving up Giroux is dumb, by itself, as he has scored over a point per game for the past two seasons. Vanek hasn't scored a point per game in 6 seasons. Ovie is in scorer's hell in DC. It's an absolutely #$%$ deal.


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