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  • Anthony Anthony Feb 1, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    Huge Deal, Need Advice....

    I'm in a 12 team Keeper league, my team is struggling, and overall I don't love it. I'm looking to move Malkin for some goaltending and D help, I currently have a deal on the table...

    I get: M.Koivu (I have Paris), Gaborik, Bieksa, Pavlovic, 1st round pick

    I Give: Malkin, A.Henrique, 4th round pick

    Also should be noted that this league counts SOG/Hits/SHP


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    • I wouldn't do it either -- Malkin is hands-down the best player in the deal. The only way you're getting even an OK deal is if you're looking to next year and banking on getting good use out of the 1st round pick. Henrique is as useful as Koivu (or more) and Bieksa is off to a terrible start. Plus, Koivu concentrates your roster on one team and the ups/downs of one line.

      I agree with whoever posted what you should be looking for for Malkin -- an A+ goalie and A or B D-man, or 2 quality D-men and a better goalie than Pavelec, or at least a goalie on a better team. I wouldn't settle for this deal unless you can upgrade the goalie you get back and downgrade Henrique to a back-end guy (Henrique is with Kovalchuk, gets PP time and crushed it in SHP last year if you count those).

    • This trade is lopsided as #$%$.

      I get: M.Koivu, Gaborik, Bieksa, Pavlovic, 1st round pick

      I Give: Malkin, A.Henrique, 4th round pick

      Are you kidding me? You will get so much more.

    • If you're looking for D and Goalie help,
      I'd try to work out a deal that would equate to one of the following:

      Malkin = Lundqvist or Quick type caliber goalie + a mid to high tier D


      Malkin = Two High Tier D + a mid to high goalie

      Just my opinion, really, you're giving up a gold (or rather, goal) mine

      Don't do it for Pavelec, you'll get the starts and shots against if your league has it, but that's about it

      I guarantee the other guys, with the exception of gaborik perhaps, are easily replaced by the waiver wire.

      Not to mention, Henrique is a pretty decent as well, especially in a keeper league.

    • Pavlovic =)

    • Any real replies??

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      • Malkin is the MVP of the league, give him a few more weeks before you consider moving the player that EVERYONE would kill to have. Koivu, Pavelec, Bieksa, I've had all three and they're not all stars. Pavelec is at risk of getting shelled every night. Koivu is a product of his linemates, Bieksa,,, just Bieksa what a diver. Gaborik is the only value you'd really be getting and frankly Malkin brings more points, FWs, and potential trade value. Don't do it man, you'll be suicidal once Malkin heats up.

    • Forget Brock, his parents must not have loved him enough when he was young. I wouldn't do the trade. If you move Malkin you must get a better Goalie out of it, and a quality forward.

    • My first thought - this kid doesn't know who the hell he's trading for because he can't spell the names.

      My second thought - if this kid has to ask about this, I'm not going to answer him.

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      • What hell are you even talking about? I spelled Pavelec's name wrong and now you can't answer me? I likely know more about hockey in my pinky than you do in your entire body. Only reason i'm here asking is because this is a huge deal with a lot impact, thought i'd ask some opinions. I think I might be able to get a better goalie in return too, but wouldn't get nearly the players back at other positions. I have Parise/Eberle as keepers right now, with Schneider and Pietrangelo as other possible keepers after this season.


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