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    Need a replacement GM.

    Looking for a reliable, knowledgable and a very active GM to replace one in a 20 team league. Keeper league turning into a dynasty league start of 2013/2014 season.
    We have one spot open right now but could turn into 2 in a week or so.

    Rules and Regulations

    20 teams (20 man rosters) to fill all position requirements.

    Drafting our own teams.

    Positions (3C, 3LW, 3RW, 4D, 2G, 5B, 3IR)

    7 keepers (6 forwards and/or defense + 2 goalies)
    - Since the the first 7 rounds are held for keepers, we will be drafting from 8-20. So if you make any deals at any point in time, you cannot offer up any spot from 1-7.
    (ex. Team A offers 10th round (3rd pick) to Team B for 17th round (10th pick) It's pretty basic.

    Prospects/Farm Teams
    - Prospects are players who haven't played a regular season game in the NHL (ex. Mark Stone played 1 game in the 2012 Playoffs, he is still a prospect)
    - Prospects can be called up and sent down at any point during the season.
    - Prospects who reach 82 games for skaters and 50 games for goalies must be called up and become part of your actual roster.
    - You must have a minimum of 5 prospects on your farm team at all times but there is no max to how many you can carry on your farm team at any given time. This will take affect for next season.
    - Every team will be given 5 prospects to draft every year and can be traded if wanted to.
    - Each year we will draft 5 prospects at a time until we reach 20 prospects on our farm team. We will stop at 20 for our farm teams. So if you add a prospect to your farm team, you must release one to stay within the 20 prospect limit.

    (Forwards/Defense) - G, A, +/-, SOG, PPP, SHP, PIM, HITS, BLKS
    (Goalie) - W, SV, S%, GAA, SHO

    - No trades will be vetoed, unless their is some sense of collusion. Every manager is responsible for making good trades, if they confirm, trades are final.
    - NHL trade deadline will be our trade deadline.
    - When making trades. You MUST make sure ALL trades are posted on here (team pages and league trades thread) and also made on yahoo, preferrably on Yahoo first. We will not manually enter players for you if trades are made on here and not on Yahoo. That is the responsibility of the teams involved in any trades made. Do NOT include any draft picks or prospects on Yahoo. The boards is where you post any kind of those transactions.

    Free Agents
    - 3 FA adds per week.
    - waiver will go by order of the league the prior year (1st to last)

    - 3 Goalie starts per week.
    - Must have 1 starting goalie on your roster at all times.

    - The 2013 draft format to become a dynasty will be as follows. Positioning in the draft will be determined by ranking in the Final Standings at the end of the 2012/2013 season. The 2012/2013 prospect draft will be in reverse order of the regular draft.
    - The first year draft we will be having the prospect order opposite to the regular draft order, so that every team gets a fair start to the league.
    - Last 5 teams each year will be put into a bingo to decide who gets the 1st overall pick to the 5th.

    - Roster players, prospects, prospect picks, and regular draft picks can all be traded.
    - An equal amount of prospect picks must be exchanged in any trade offer that has been offered.

    - Can pick 2 teams to change their division status for the next year.

    Rivalry Week
    - 3 weeks of rivalry ( top 9 teams get their picks in order of their outcome the year before.)

    - Picking up another's prospect will result in giving up your teams 1st prospect pick to the team of the prospect, in which they would give their 5th (last) prospect pick back.

    Abandoned Teams
    - Will be handed over to the commish to control until a suitable replacement is put into the management position.
    - Commish will control and set lineups to the best of his ability until team is replaced.

    Manager Respect Code
    - 2 warnings & OUT!!!
    - Express opinions, NOT name calling.
    - Be respectful with other managers.
    - Be respectful with trade offerings and with trade rejections.
    - No drama!!!

    Manager Of The Year Award
    - Voted by the league, the manager of the year will be given the opportunity to stay or leave their division for anther one, and would be untouchable.
    - If they are the winner of the league that year, they would get added another
    team to change the division of, which would then equal 5.

    These are gonna be the rules and changes for this league next year.


    The team you would take over looks like this:

    C- Kyle Turris (OTT)
    C- David Krejci (BOS)
    C- Brendan Morrison (CHI) (not in system)

    Left Wings
    LW- Daniel Sedin (VAN)
    LW- Andrew Brunette (CHI) (not in system)
    LW- Todd Bertuzzi DET

    Right Wings
    RW- Marian Gaborik (NYR)
    RW- Patrik Hornqvist NSH
    RW- Michael Grabner (NYI)

    D- Dan Boyle (SJ)
    D- Justin Faulk (CAR)
    D- Eric Gudbranson( FLA)
    D- Trevor Daley (DAL)

    G-Johan Hedberg (NJ)
    G-James Reimer (TOR)

    B- Chris Kelly C (BOS)
    B- Jonas Gustavsson (DET) G
    B- Josh Bailey (NYI) LW
    B- Sean Bergenheim (FLA) LW
    B- Andrew Cogliano (ANA) C,LW

    1 (11th overall) Dougie Hamilton D - BOS
    2 (30th overall) Sebastian Collberg RW - MTL
    3 (51st overall) Rocco Grimaldi RW - FLA
    4 (70th overall) Johan Gustafsson
    5 (91st overall) Stefan Matteau - NJ

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