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    Long Standing Fantasy Organization

    Hockey has come back! Middle Tennessee Fantasy Sports has run its own hockey league for over 6 years. We are going to run a shortened fantasy season with 10 regular season weeks and some playoffs as well. The playoffs will be determined once the official schedule comes out. We play on CBS. Here are some key features of the league:

    8 teams in your conference
    weekly lineups
    weekly transactions done each Saturday
    live scoring at your disposal
    3 injured reserve spots
    start 3 C, 4 W, 5 D, 2 TG (team goalies)
    The ability to draft online from the comfort of home

    These are just some of the many features that our hockey league can offer you. I will provide a rulebook that shows scoring, the complete lineup/roster, how transactions work, playoff seeding, and anything else you might want to know. Email me and I can send the rulebook to you. This website does not allow offsite links to be posted.

    The entry fee for the season is $50. Draft will be held most likely Sunday night January 20th at 6:30 PM CST. The season actually starts that previous Friday, but we won't start scoring until the following Monday. That way, we can start on a normal week to begin our season. We have been in the fantasy business for over 17 years. All of the money paid is never pocketed. We are not in this area to turn a profit. We are in this to compete against one another with great sportsmanship, to create friendships, and to win a title. If any of this interests you, then please contact me (Reid) via PM here or just respond and I can send you my email. This site for some reason won't let me post it.

    We have at least 1 spot open and possibly 1-2 more. Sign up today and reserve your hockey team!

    Thanks for listening,

    Reid- Executive Vice President of Middle Tennessee Fantasy Sports

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