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    Kenseth Leaving Roush

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    • Kenseth is just so boring whilst being good, he cant drum up sponsors!

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      • I have to disagree with that. Kenseth has been in the Cup series since 2000 and this is the first year where he has had spnsorship trouble. Like Motor said Matt is a winner and his vanilla image is good for a sponsor cause they don't have to worry about him making them look bad.

      • There will always be a sponsor who just want's to be on a winning car, or a car that will be in the front consistently. Matt is that guy, he has proven it time and time again. I agree he is real vanilla probably more than Jimmie. Who is a case of someone not needing a lot of flash but consistency to keep sponsors happy. Matt is poised to win it all. he has been strong all year and Jack wants that Cup. Matt is his best chance at taking it back from the Bow Tie guys, or the Hendricks, evil empire. He will still get the best of equipment be cause Jack knows the odds are good it will come back usable again.

        A reigning Cup Championship will always get a sponsor. After all who doesn't want to be on the current champions car. I see Jack giving Matt the car to fulfill his desire to have a sponsor with him where ever he goes next year. I'm looking for Kenseth to be in the fight this year, more so now, then ever... He knows that cup through next year makes him very sponsor worthy which makes him worth more. I look for Mr Consistency to be just that through the chase. Possibly being the man to beat. It takes desire i think this just increased his...


    • LoL. Now we see why you complain about it. you have trouble doing it. Copy and paste. LoL.

      Where are your original thoughts on this topic? Just a link? come on if you want to earn the right to bitch you can't use the same tactics, only messing up trying. LoL.



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