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  • Radio Farva Radio Farva Jun 25, 2012 10:55 AM Flag

    LF 2 GM's for a 2nd year dynasty Amateur Players
    Players may be dropped from a team’s Junior team without a penalty, by posting it on the Message Board.
    This includes players that have just signed a professional contract with their NHL team but haven’t been added to a team’s Minor roster yet.

    The Cap Floor is $43M.

    All contracts of Active and Reserve Roster players count against the Salary Cap.
    Contracts of players on Injury Reserve or the Minors Team do not count against the Salary Cap.
    Fantrax will be set to not allow any transactions that would violate the Salary Cap.
    Infractions against the Cap Floor will result in the loss of Prospect Draft Positions, as decided by the respective Committee. The minimum number of Draft Positions lost shall be 3.
    During the Offseason, teams may exceed their Salary Cap by up to 10%, but have to be back below the regular Cap on Opening night of the new season.
    The Salary Cap will be temporarily raised on Fantrax for that period.
    3.2 Contract Duration
    3.1.1 For Players picked up from Free Agency
    The Rules for minimum and maximum Contract Duration are identical to the Rules used for Contract Extensions below and are based on the Free Agent’s new Salary (see Section 3.3.1). A Free Agents new Contract duration has to be posted on the Message Board.
    3.1.2 For Prospects signed after the Prospect Draft or from Junior Team
    Players signed from a team’s Junior team automatically start with contract details (Cap hit and length) identical to their real NHL Cap Hit and contract duration.
    3.3 Contract Extensions
    A GM may elect to offer a new contract to his RFAs, but he has to do so before June 24th of the year the contract expires.


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