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  • Radio Farva Radio Farva Jun 25, 2012 10:53 AM Flag

    LF 2 GM's for a 2nd year dynasty

    Goalie Categories (Category based/Rotisserie)
    • Save-%
    • Goals-Against-Average
    • Saves
    • Shutouts
    • Shootout Save-%

    Goalie Categories (Category based/Fantasy Points)
    • Save-%
    • Saves
    • Goals Against
    • Shutouts
    • Shootout Wins

    1.4 Roster Sizes and Positions
    Each team will have the following Roster Slots:

    Active Roster (exactly 19 have to be active at all times)
    • 3 Centers (3 minimum at all times)
    • 3 Left Wings (3 minimum at all times)
    • 3 Right Wings (3 minimum at all times)
    • 3 Forwards (2 minimum at all times)
    • 1 Enforcer (no minimum)
    • 6 Defenders (5 minimum at all times)
    • 1 Goalie

    7 Round Non-Snaking Draft with order determined just like in the real NHL. Lottery among non-playoff teams, League Champion goes last, preceded by the divisional champions.
    This draft will be done by Forum Post, not on Fantrax, since the drafted players start their Fantasy Hockey career in a teams Junior System on our Message Board. Free Agent eligibility
    All players contracted to an NHL club but left unclaimed during the Inaugural Draft, all restricted Free Agents that have neither received a Qualifying offer nor an Offer Sheet before July 1st and all unrestricted Free Agents are eligible to be claimed from the Free Agent Pool. Free Agents may be claimed for as long as the Dynasty League’s regular season is underway. Once the playoffs start, teams may ONLY sign a Free Agent as an emergency signing (technically, once our Playoffs start, Fantrax will be set to only allow FA pickups and drops with consent of a Commissioner).
    If an undrafted and unsigned and therefore ineligible Free Agent player signs a contract with an NHL team at any time during the course of the season, he may immediately be picked up. Method of acquisition
    Free Agents are acquired by bidding for their services. The highest bidder receives the player and the bid amount will become that player’s new Cap hit.
    The minimum bid a GM may place for a player is 500.000$. There is no maximum, except for common sense.


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