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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Jun 24, 2012 10:43 PM Flag

    beer run

    Yeah - even tho comedy is famously "based in anger" - I am tired of *Angry Comedians" - Ron White is just in a class by himself, in my book - you can sit back and just feel at home.

    Two of the oddest experiences of my life were seeing Eddie Murphy and Sam Kineson live.

    Eddie Murphy was SOOOOOO playing the part of The Angry Black Man nothing was funny....he spent forever telling a story about how his mom made a hamburger vs MacDonald's making a hamburger, and it was NOT that funny at all.

    Sam Kineson was pretty awesome, but being a woman, I occasionally got caught off-guard by his unbridled hatred for women....I had a weird moment - we were sitting a couple rows behind Ted Nugent with a lot of empty seats around us - and Sam did this awful schtick about women, and I think I just had this sickened look on my face, and then noticed Uncle Ted was turned around in his seat staring at my reaction....so, I stupidly tried to laugh....dumb me - I should have stayed as dismayed as I was....


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