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  • georgeZ georgeZ Jun 24, 2012 10:10 AM Flag

    cotton eyed joe or third eye blind

    I think they are smoking pot down in the front row!!!!!!!

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    • Different people use varying methods to make it through parts of some concerts.lol

      Probably so they could endure the singer being flat. Not THAT way! Her voice. And how could anyone allow that to get through mastering the tape? We have ways of keeping you in tune.lol

      If a band told me I had to run back and forth across the stage, I'd say SCREW YOU!!! lmao

      RB doesn't run. RB can't run.lol

      Well, they had cute little outfits and they tried real hard to put on a show after all is said and done.

      After show party discussion among band members overheard..."Ok, whose turn is it to blow the next promoter?" lol


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