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  • Raceboy Raceboy Jun 22, 2012 9:21 AM Flag

    KuBU BooBoo again.

    I believe this shows two things.
    1. Kurt was able to keep himself from going over that line in the sand drawn for him.

    2. Kurt is still perilously close to said line in the sand, and maybe just one question from jumping over it.
    He's loaded, primed, and ready. Just the right words, and he's blowing his top again.

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    • Eggs Actly Racer. I think I said BooBoo not violation or penalty or suspension. He is one smartazz remark from Finch kickin his arse out. "Be Nice, Shut Up or Be Gone". Yes I do read the articles.

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      • Well, he behaved himself today. The post race media room video stream interviews went well. Marty and Bob got flack from the peanut gallery, but most of them are doing good to post.

        Kurt done good today. Can't fault him for anything.

        And there is the thing about taking a fifteenth place car to the front and competing for the win.

        When he shuts up and drives, he can be very impressive.

        He had his ears pinned back, so he might be open to having his lips sewn shut.lol It's a reversible procedure, I'm sure.


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