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  • Pritzi Pritzi Jun 14, 2012 3:18 PM Flag

    Michigan, we have lift off!!!

    What speeds will they reach on the newly repaved Michigan Speedway this weekend? And could we have Lift Off?!?!? Mark Martin topped the speed in practice today at 201 mph. The real speed came down the front stretch at 218 mph!!! NASCAR says they don’t expect to add a restrictor plate to slow it down because they are “expecting” speeds to be slowed when the track rubber-ups & temperatures rise…. but the drivers are talking. Some of the drivers sound somewhat nervous (Biffle) & Jimmy Johnson has been saying that drivers could be “white-knuckling” it. What kind of race will we have this weekend? ….It could get CRAZY with speeds up to 218 mph...you don’t want a driver bumping another driver at those speeds!!!

    Today, 4 drivers broke 200 mph for overall lap speed…Mark Martin, Dale Jr., Truex Jr.& Harvick….

    This is a copy from my post on the NASCAR board...I don't know where to say stuff anymore but I thought the info was relevant for this weekend....best of luck to everyone :)

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