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  • crash crash Jun 10, 2012 6:37 AM Flag

    What the puck r

    all these NASCAR freaking doing in Hockey World?

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      • Nobody was home. But the door was open. When looking for anyone home, I found some soup on the table and tried some. One was too hot. No way! The next was cold. Yuck. But the last one was just right, so I gobbled it down.
        I tried a few chairs in the living room. Same kind of results. So, I continued to explore and went upstairs and found the bedrooms. I tried out one bed and it was too hard. Another was too soft. But the last one was just right and I fell asleep because I was tired from all the exploring and stuff.

        I woke up to some blond chick crawling into bed with me.
        I'll never forget that red hooded coat hitting the floor and the perfection hitting my eyes.

        Right after she crawled in bed, a bunch of bears busted in the room and we had to dive out the window and run for our lives.

        Of course, I let her run in front so that I would be between her and the bears.

        We ended up at her granny's house only to find a wolf dressed in granny's nightgown and in her bed.

        Some days it just doesn't pay to go out. But this place was a cool find. Big. Sturdy. And abandoned!!! What great luck.

        And it's relatively quiet and pleasant so far.

        And the bears make great rugs.

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