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  • Marcus Marcus Apr 2, 2012 9:47 AM Flag

    Commish to Avoid

    After dealing with a shady commish who tampered with the league and hearing from others about similar issues, I think it would be wise to start a thread this lists these people so we can all avoid them.

    We all clearly love hockey and play in Fantasy Leagues to enjoy the sport that much more. These people should be black listed if you will on this thread so everyone else can enjoy and complete in leagues without their control.

    Here is a list that i have so far.

    -Xboy (theanimal971@yahoo.ca) Typical story here. Changing wavier priority, altering the schedule, changing player add amounts per week. Got first place from it all

    -No Teeth (aka iamsnakeplissken@gmail.com) (@#$% commissioner of the No Teeth League). This jerk off change the waiver rules and the pickups allowed per week just before the playoofs. He was in last place in the 12 team league and siezed my 1st place team for himself. Avoid him at all costs. I feel for every yahoo user that encountered one of the lowlife cheaters.

    Please add to the list so we call can use it next season when we go to join a league.

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