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  • Marcus Marcus Apr 1, 2012 1:59 PM Flag

    XBoy: Unreal cheating at end of season

    I urge you all to never play in a league against Xboy ( theanimal971@yahoo.ca) I can't even being to tell you how badly he cheats. Half of the league dropped out early. He changed the amount of pick ups and wavier priority for the last week in the playoffs to win. Changed who he played in the lat week of the season to better his stats. DONT PLAY WITH HIM EVER.

    I know how people take a lot of time to enjoy FH and he ruined it all. Waste of my time.

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    • There are a lot of clowns like that on Yahoo. They commision leagues to rob, cheat and steal. I'm in a Basketball league where the Commish traded himself Chris Paul for Kendrik Perkins...after of course turning off all the vetos, notifications and waiting times.

    • Same thing for user: No Teeth aka iamsnakeplissken@gmail.com (a-hole commissioner of the No Teeth League). This jerk off change the waiver rules and the pickups allowed per week just before the playoofs. He was in last place in the 12 team league and siezed my 1st place team for himself. Avoid him at all costs. I feel for every yahoo user that encountered one of the lowlife cheaters.



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