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    Hockey Playoffs

    I just got through round 1, but the team I was playing against started dropping players to keep full line ups. I did the same, but better(Right before the system reset). The team I am playing against this week is complaining about it. It is within the rules of the league. Is the poor etiqutte or are the playoffs about doing whatever it takes to win? This is my first year in hockey btw.

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    • Again if its within the rules you did nothing wrong and if they complain tell them next year put in max moves but until then you did nothing wrong

    • Internet ego has nothing to do with it. I actually know everyone in the league and it's for cash.

    • yeah do whatever it takes to satisfy your internet ego

    • The Unwritten book of the road, regarding Fantasy Hockey -

      Roster dumps are completely fine, since you can only make 4 moves per week anyways. Within reason though. For example, I would be very upset if someone dumps Crosby at the end of this week in favor of an extra man game. That's an unwritten no no. Yahoo has "Can't cut" lists to help out with this problem, but Crosby is currently not on it.

      If you are out of the playoffs though, DO NOT DUMP ANYONE! It is very annoying to see guys playing for 5th place that are picking up valuable FA's. Unwritten no no again.

      Hope that helps.

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      • Definitely goes without saying. I think it annoyed people because I did it right before the system reset (12 PM PT) and then promptly picked up the people that I dropped at 12:01PM PT. This allowed me to get a full lineup in without risking my keepers. There were a few nights where I got little sleep, but if I can get that trophy, I'll be happy. Additionally, no one was able to snag any of my drops because of the reset.

      • I agree with most of this. That being said, if it is within the rules, there is no poor etiquette about it. Yes, it is frowned upon, but it is not dirty or cheap. In fact, I believe this to be tactical as you are maximizing as many stats as you can, which is what fantasy hockey is all about.


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