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    Would you pick up Ilya K?

    Somebody in my league dropped Ilya Kuvalchuk..don't know what's the deal..probably the +/-...but is he worth a waiver? My team is not improving in assists, +/- and PP. I could really need some help but I don't think Ilya can be that guy. Also, somebody dropped Alex Semin and Mark Streit and I both passed on them.
    Matt Douchene also got dropped.
    Here's the league:

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    • kovalchuk is going to get some points for sure, he wont be what he was in atlanta and his +/- won't be great. If ur happy with a point every couple of games and a couple multi point nights possibly here and there he's good. Semin seems more interesting, if the caps pick up their play at some point and be the team they are SUPPOSED to be then he will produce more than Kovy. You know what ur gunna get with the devils and kovalchuk, semin has the WOW factor because his team is supposed to be high flyin offense and the devils are boring trap defense..

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        I know Semin is the better one, but I missed the opportunity to pick him up, I don't have the #1 waiver claim. Right now I have a chance with Ilya or Matt, be it a winger or center, it doesn't matter so as long it could help +/- or the assist. I tried a bit of adding and dropping just to improve my +/- and assist but my team is keep on falling behind the race. And the fact that I'm limiting my games played, hopefully I can turn this thing. I was running 2nd for about a month and last month I just continue sliding down to 7th right now.


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