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  • Stefan Stefan Dec 2, 2011 9:10 AM Flag

    Trade help: Fleischmann for Miller?

    I know miller is hurt right now but he is set to come back... Fleischmann leads me in points and powerplaypoints... Obviously he is a great player and will get many more points... My other goalies are price, halak and schneider... Any advice?

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    • Depending on your league, goalies will make up 20-30% or more of your categories. A player like Miller, when healthy can win almost every night and give you big points in your league. Then make a trade for more offensive depth.

    • I think considering ur goalies are at the most B caliber in terms of fantasy, it is a good move... miller is a stud, if u are in rotisserie, u know how a bad game from a goalie can ruin ur night, u are very weak in goal, Luongo is back so no more schneider, halak will probably split his games with elliot (who is playing better than halak) and price is a great goalie but he plays for a shitty (i hate to say it cuz im a montrealer) team. so do it, as long as u have some other good forwards to back u up.

    • Miller is about 15 times more valuable than a mediocre forward like Flash. There is nothing to consider here.


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