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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 29, 2011 1:14 PM Flag


    Get a life buddy! Pac made the hit and apologized afterwards...which is what classy players do. Pac is STILL waiting for Chara's apology after almost paralyzing him! Then again, the word "bruins" and "classy" would never be seen in the same sentence!

    By the way, did Daddy Campbell get his day with the cup? After all, he was more a part of that Bruins team than Savard was with all those slaps on the wrist for your head-hunting players!!!!!

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    • Coli Campbell.... the guy that never weighed in on a single disciplinary decision involving the B's? You really think the B's won the cup because Chara didn't get suspended for hitting Pac? We won the cup because we smoked your shitty Habs in Game 7, after Subban tried to take every dive in the book and fired up the B's by flicking his wrist at the crowd, and then never looked back.

      BTW, the vast majority of B's fans said Chara should have been suspended. Chara himself alluded to the fact that he should have been suspended. The Boston Globe called for him to get at least a 2-3 game ban. And the vast majority of B's fans, including myself, are really happy to see Pacioretty tearing it up this year - he's a good player, a good guy, and an exceptionally-talented hockey player. It's just really funny that Habs fans wanted Chara thrown in jail for a controversial hit, while they'll jump to Pac's defense when he lays a headshot on the cornerstone of PIT's defense. You are the whiniest bunch of little bitch fans in the NHL and 29 other fanbases know it. The B's might be a rough bunch, but this is hockey....Habs fans seem to forget that hockey is a physical game unless it's Hal Gill laying out the hits!


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