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    goalie minimum games

    12 Team H2H


    My opponent this week has only reached 2 of the 3 games for goalie minimum and his only goalies are Elliot and Bryzgalov but he is winning all the goalie categories except SO where it's 0 apiece. Anyways neither goalie play tomorrow and Halak is starting tonight over Elliot. Also Brobovsky is playing over Bryzgalov, but Philly is losing 5-1 vs Winnipeg and so if they put Bryzgalov in in say the third period since the game is out of hand or whatever than will my opponent go from 2 out of 3 to the required 3 or does the goalie have to start for it to count.


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    • any appearance counts towards the goalie count...here is what yahoo say

      In all Public Head-to-Head Leagues, team goalies must make at least three (3) appearances each week. Should team goalies fail to meet this requirement, their fantasy team will automatically lose all four of the goaltending stat categories.

      This limit applies to the combined appearances of all goalies on your roster. Each goalie is not required to appear in three games. This limit was introduced so that each matchup is settled based on stats accumulated over several games.

      With no limit, a team that recorded a shutout in one start would automatically win or tie the goals-against average and save percentage matchup.

      Private Leagues default to the Public League settings, but the limits are configurable. Therefore, if you are in a Private League, please refer to your League Settings to view your minimum goalie requirement.


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