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  • CapsFan CapsFan Nov 19, 2011 7:43 AM Flag

    Why wont put Miller on IR?

    It's really annoying! I see that Nabby got put on IR right away.. I know it's not yahoo's fault.. it the Sabres fault.. I just need to vent.. it's really messing my team up!

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    • I saw that thread. Although I didn't check out the name of the user, was it L.Ruff by any chance? haha

      To your previous post. I am not saying the NHL should change their IR policy, I've been saying all along that Yahoo should. I was using NHL Teams' random (random in the eyes of fantasy hockey players) allocation of IR spots to justify my point.

    • oops, is was 2 years ago when the wings waited weeks to IR Kronwall.
      and I shoulda said every year there are a few long-term injured guys who don't get IR by their teams. tons of short-term guys.

      btw, there's another Miller thread where a guy claims that Miller overplayed the concussion thing and will be back soon.

    • lol, just because you don't know why the sabres haven't IR'd him doesn't make it arbitrary. they have their reasons. like 3 guys already on IR and Tyler Myers out on top of that. bad luck for them.
      tell me you aren't suggesting the NHL change its rules for your fantasy convenience, lol.

      this isn't some H2H thread, and we don't want our roto game screwed up because you made the wrong choice of game type.

      every year there are 1-2 injured guys who never get IR'd. last year the Wings didn't put Kronwall on IR for weeks (although they finally did when they needed to). but a G who doesn't get IR'd...rare. so yeah, a freak thing.

    • Looks like I'm trying to swim up stream on this one.

      I suppose I'll make this my final point, the NHL doesn't have a 'can't cut list' but Yahoo does. How much different is it really from the IR.

    • I believe my point was that the NHL's criteria are somewhat arbitrary, which makes Yahoo's as well.

      I am talking head-to-head here. I don't believe that this is a 'freak thing', I think this happens all the time to goalies (especially now with all these concussions).

    • minimum appearances only matter for H2H, which many of us don't play.

      yahoo's criteria are perfectly well-defined. not arbitrary.
      it just happens that you're in a tough place due to a series of circumstantial events. sounds like pretty much a freak thing to me, not something that will happen often enough to warrant special exceptions.

    • the criteria is... real life IR = yahoo IR

      i know i know... i sound like a broken record!

      : )

    • Right, but if youre in a league that counts goalie starts you need to try to get 3 goalies that will play a lot... When Miller went down or when he was showing signs of weakness in net you shouldve scooped up Enroth.

    • goalies are valuable in leagues that count min starts.
      but yahoo cant bend the rules because then it will effect the other leagues as well.

      If someone doesnt draft multi position players thats their problem! lol
      there were more than enough multi position guys this year to choose from... actually my feeling during the draft was that there were too many! way more than usual... making it not that big of an advantage this year.

      I agree that it sucks to have to rely on the team to decide/need to put the guy on IR.... but thats just the way it is. The sabres have so many people on the IR already who knows if they will decide to add Miller or Myers to the IR.

      Real life teams screw over our fantasy teams every year for one reason or another... If only they took fantasy hockey into consideration!! lol Why don't they think of us?

      : )

    • I wouldn't be mad, provided that the injured player was replaced with another goalie. In pretty much any league the goaltenders available through the waiver wire aren't that productive. Making whatever goalie the manager picks up more-or-less a stopgap solution.

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