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  • Nicolai Nicolai Nov 6, 2011 1:43 AM Flag

    get rid of all columbus players?

    the few players you could add from this group...is it time to get rid of them all?

    this team has NO PROUD at all...not only are they blessed with ugly goaltending, ugly defense and ugly offense in combination with ugly coaching...this team is missing any little kind of proud and hope... was there ever a worst team since the lockout?
    i saw the philadelphia desaster...this team could NOT beat an AHL team... everyone who saw Dorsetts reaction (at least some guts) saw this...

    the jackets 2011 dont belong in the NHL - so is it time to move away from all of them?

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    • There's a few players worth keeping.

      I probably wouldn't drop Mason, but I I wouldn't play him until he gets a couple of good games under his belt, which may be a while.

      I'm sure if you dropped Nash, there;d be a waiver frenzy.

      So, in answer to your question... NO.

      Just my honest opinion...

      Honest Scott

    • Greatest Championship History™ Greatest Championship History™ Nov 6, 2011 2:29 AM Flag

      Gee...I don't know. I picked up Vinny Prospal the moment he scored his 1st goal last month, and since then, he's scoring goals despite having a -1 every other game.
      My disappointment was drafting Jeff Carter coz he went down early. He's solid no matter what, I'm expecting those SOG will rise up even more since his record says he shoots a lot (around 300+SOG/per season) and he's the only scorer I think would carry the Columbus BJs.
      I'm just hoping no more setbacks when he starts playing in ice.


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