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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 25, 2011 2:55 PM Flag

    Getting killed by goalies

    Not saying in a jerk fashion, but your season is over. You waited far too late in the draft to get your goalies. Goalies are the most important position in Rotisserie leagues as you are finding out now.

    Your only hope at this point is to trade away 1 or more of your star forwards that you grabbed early in the draft in return for a goalie.

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    • season over? nonsense.
      goalies are important, but you don't have to draft great goalies to win in roto.
      every year there are low ADP goalies who break out. but you do have to make sure you get them.
      I'd probably run with 4 G for at least a while, to cover my bases. add markstrom, but don't drop montoya or schneider yet. the guys you have now are serviceable, but you gotta give them a little time.


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