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    Who plays Roto Hockey anyway?

    Okay now that I got your attention, first of all, I like to hear your opinion about playing roto standard league or any roto league in hockey as to why most managers don't invest much on elite goalies on the 2nd or 3rd round (or let's say 1st to 4th rounds) considering the goalie stats category has taken almost half of the total stat categories (which is 4 categories in most)? Some only pick 2 goalies. Although I realized roto is much different from H2H leagues, you can live with 2 goalies all year considering it doesn't blow up your GAA and SV%, you got 2 categories in the bank while in H2H it means you're dead if you reach the playoffs with only two goalies.
    I haven't played roto leagues in a while.I have played too many H2H leagues in any fantasy sports and most of the frustrating moments are when your team is doing good all season long and healthy, come crushing down in 1 week of sluggishness and you lose in the playoffs.I'd like to try roto leagues again since it's all about the long season. I don't know how much impact the elite goalies from the stud wingers and centers. And the fact that some defensemen don't give much impact at all, some managers have all 4 of them while some only have 2. Anyone willing to give and voice out their opinions on roto leagues will be gladly accepted. Thanks.

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