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  • Grant Grant Jul 16, 2011 1:59 PM Flag

    2 GM's looking for Keeper

    A friend and I are looking to both join the same keeper league - either a new one or taking over 2 existing teams. We've been in several of the same 1-year leagues over the last 3 years and are looking to make the next step in a well-run, competitive keeper beginning this season.

    We're both very active and are each dropping two 1-year leagues to focus on the keeper that we join. Please reply if you'd like two dedicated managers.

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    • I'm the commish of a keeper league that has been active for 7 years. There are 12 teams and 3 original GM's left this off season. One of the GM's who departed won the pool last season and all 3 teams are still intact. We have recruited 1 new GM and are looking for 2 more GMs. We have an auction style rotisserie league with prospects and players (12F, 6D, 2G, and spares at each position). Last season we used Fanball as our commission host and we anticipate using Yahoo this season. If you're interested please reply.

    • I have a keeper league in the making right now on EPSN if your interested. This will be its frist year but I have 6-8 or people that I played with other the years joining and we plan on having 12 or more teams. If you're willling to take a chance and help build a new keeper league let me know.

    • Send me your names and email address's

      1st year keeper league
      Online snake draft, draft date set for Sept 16 @ 10:00pm est
      Daily line changes, ok.
      Head to head each category.

      9 Forwards
      4 D's
      2 Goalies
      2 Bench
      1 IR
      Contact me for invite at pcbracken07@yahoo.com (aka. 2_pass)

    • By you and your friend do you mean yourself and yourself (going by different name)?

    • Bump - looking for something done entirely through Yahoo and email to coordinate - not ESPN or another forum.

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      • Hi Grant,

        I've just sent out an email to ask for our GMs to check-in as we're getting ready to start the second season of a 16 team Yahoo H2H Keeper league. 13 of the original 16 GMs have already confirmed they're coming back this year. I don't know at this point, but there's a chance I may have a couple of openings so I'm looking for a couple of potential replacements if you're interested. I'm looking for quality and committed GMs to join the great group we already have. If interested please send an email to darksaber111ca@yahoo.ca with a description of your fantasy hockey background/experience. Quick summary of the league follows, with us using a more detailed set of rules in practice. We only use Yahoo.

        Head to Head League
        16 Teams x 18 Player Rosters
        2LW, 3C, 2RW, 3D, 1U, 2G, 5BN, 2IR
        Forward Stats: G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SHP, SOG, FW
        Goalie Stats: W, GAA, SV%, Saves
        Goalie Starts – 3

        Keepers 7 Standard (1 Goalie Max), +2 under 23 (year – 23, example Sept 2011, born after 1988)
        Dynasty Rules – Back to Back Championships, or 3 consecutive top 4 finishes -> 1 less Standard Keeper for the following season.

        6 Team Playoffs (Top 2 Bye, teams 3-6)
        6 Team Consolation (7/8 Bye, 9-12)
        4 Team Draft Lottery (13-16, Equal Chance, Sets Order First 4 Picks)

        Daily transactions
        Max Player Acquisitions – 4/week (not including trades)
        Max Moves Season – 30 (excluding trades)
        Max Trades – No Maximum (League Veto – 8 Votes/48 Hours)

      • If you and your friend are TRULY active I think you should give our league another look. We will be operating entirely through Yahoo as far as the actual league is concerned (Yahoo Live Draft etc.), the pro-board is more for the off-season and just discussion in general. You'll be hard pressed to find a keeper that doesn't use a forum though as it is the best way to keep everyone together and active throughout the entire year.

        Also from what I can tell there isn't too many keeper leagues starting up at the moment and just joining a random keeper that Yahoo assigns you may not be the best way to go because a lot of those leagues end up dieing due to inactivity/not being organized (another reason why a forum is so important and widespread amongst keepers).


        My name is cube on the forum, feel free to PM me if you have any inquiries. We are currently in the process of setting out our league structure so it is a great time to get involved.

    • Hey, we just started a brand new Keeper league. we're at 5 GMs so far. If you're interested check it out at http://maximumdynasty.proboards.com/index.cgi


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