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  • tommy tommy Apr 2, 2011 9:59 PM Flag

    who thinks this is cheap?

    dropping and adding 10 players a day just to get a full roster playing everyday?

    i think thats a cheap low down tactic, gives an unfair advanatage fagainst people that cant access their leagues daily. allthough the league has no max transactions, it is ridiculous tactic just to get a win..IMO

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    • hey yall, dont hate on this guy!! i remember my first time.and still won with an intact roster hehe. anyways, that, plus the fact the players werent available till the wee hours of the morning, made me switch to 4,5 max leagues. i sleep much better now thanks!!

    • Reality is you joined the league and knew the rules. What you are saying is that because YOU and possibly others cant get to your computer everyday this disadvantages you. Are you suggesting that this person doesnt do it, and plays by your rules not the rules of the league cause if so that would be disadvantaging the rest of the league. Simply do the same as they are and if you dont have that ability coming on the forum and saying someone else is cheap for doing it. They havent done anything wrong you did by joining a league you cant compete in obviously. If I`m told my stick has to be below the crossbar for the goal to count that means I can bat it out of the air at chest height. Playing within the rules is not cheap at all.

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      • We called this 'churning' players and it can be very effective but in deeper leagues with larger rosters it usually gets less and less effective.

        I don't consider it "cheap"-- I just find it annoying since the time commitment to do the same is more than I realistically can do in my leagues every night. I would never complain about it though, I just did what others have suggested and joined leagues that have a weekly limit on transactions. I really like that since each week you try to plan what transactions you may make (a more marginal player whose team is idle etc etc). I find it a good balance which allows you to be active but doesn't require a silly amount of churning whenre the winner might often be the manager who is on the internet the most

    • Anyone who does this is a complete LOSER. get a life for real, exp you guys that say you do it too. You guys are pathetic cheating to win an online game

    • on one hand it's not cheap because of the no max moves,but on the other hand it takes a real p.o.s.to try and exploit it.we all draft our teams,play our teams throughout the season,now sack up and play the playoffs with your team.this rule is exactly why i stopped playing in public leagues,waaaayyy too many guys will do this.just join custom leagues and erraticate these weasels who play like this is a good strategy to use.yes there will always be people that think this is ok,again custom keeper leagues is the only way to go.

    • Its an annoying way to play, but perfectly acceptable if the league settings allow it. The guy is doing everything he thinks it takes to win and I'd rather that then playing some loser that hasen't logged in in 5 months.

      IMO, if the stats are so close that maximizing your games played makes a difference then the win will be that much sweeter when you get it. Thats when fantasy hockey is the most fun. When you have to make tough decisions, drop players you don't want to drop and have to log in every hour to change your players or strategy. Setting your roster a week in advance, logging in the Monday after and saying "Oh gee golly, look at that, I won my matchup" might be all the fun some people need, but they're missing out on a lot of competitive fun.

    • pick up the players he drops that are decent so he cant get them back. teach him a lesson

    • ya its a lame strategy, but unfortunately it's the leagues fault for having no cap on the max allowed moves. it doesnt give anyone in ur league an advantage though, as any manager can do the same. Lame none the less

    • Not my style but totally legal....called streaming. Shouldnt be a lock in that +/-, w, gaa, sv %, and SO are barely impacted. Plus, if hes dropping everyone then you can p/u some great players after a day or two.....gotta learn to adapt...shady tactics or not!

    • It is cheap, however it doesnt always work, I have the fewest amount of moves in 2 leagues 13 and 17 respectively and i am in the finals in both leagues you just got caught with some unlucky breaks i guess

    • It's definitely cheap. I drafted the best team I've ever seen and I lost in the last day because I played a guy with a crappy team that did this DAILY. He made over 100 moves!!!

      I was pretty proud of myself after the draft. Cruised along the entire seasons and only lost 2 matchups each by less than 3 points and then lose. Lesson learned on my part, I'll never join a league again without making sure it has a max on the weekly moves.

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