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    Hockey Trade Blooper

    I need some advice/help on what I should do in this situation. I am in a 10 team roto league. I am in second place, 5 pts out of first. I proposed a trade to a guy in 6th spot Saturday night. He countered the trade with sending Pavelski and Cory Crawford my way and I sent him Lundqvist and Kulemin.
    The 2 fowards are relatively even stats wise, but Pavelski is probably a better player, but I feel the goaltending difference evens the trade out.
    So for whatever reason the commissioner who is in 1st place pushed the trade thru late Saturday night. The next afternoon there is a message from the guy I just dealt with saying that he is upset about the trade being pushed thru without the 2 day wait period, why because he meant to trade me Cory Schneider instead of Crawford. Funny thing is he has all ready started Kulemin who scores for him and Lundqvist who lost but only allowed 2 goals. I didn't use Pavelski or Crawford yesterday.
    Now it gets real interesting, the commissioner apologizes and lays blame on himself and the other guy. But then says he looks at it and realizes the trade is probably lopsided which I think is a fair trade. Then he says he hopes we can work something out flipping for the proper Cory.
    What should I do since I feel this is a fair trade and I am battling for 1st place and he has gotten points from the players I sent over. I talked to a buddy of mine who has lots of fantasy experience and he says this is a fair deal.
    Any help or comments is appreciated, I just don't wanna be that asshole for not doing something, when I was not ever in the wrong.

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    • Don't do anything its his fault and Schneider instead of Crawford would be ridiculous. My belief is that if you're stupid enough to send the wrong offer or accept on accident then you should have to suffer the consequences. Its not like the other guy got a horrible deal either.

    • The trade should stand for the following reasons:
      1. HE proposed the trade as a counter offer. That alone should be reason enough to uphold the deal. If he made the mistake thats on him...if their concern the trade is lopsided, they should consider the schneider trade is more lopsided.
      2. The trade is indeed pretty even, at least not lopsided enough to warrant a nullification.
      3. If your commish thinks it is lopsided that is fine, but it is also a conflict of interest, given this may affect his positioning at top seed.
      4. If he was so concerned about the trade time not being respected then he would not have played Kuleiman.
      5. The commish admitted this was on both of them...therefore absolving you of any wrong doing. Buyer's remorse does suck, but you shouldn't have to pay for it.

      If for whatever reason you can't convince your peers to allow this trade my suggestion is to take it to a league vote.


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