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  • Jason Jason Feb 9, 2011 11:27 AM Flag

    Minimum goalie starts... what happens?

    A GM in my H2H league just got back to back shutouts and has benched all his goalies for the rest of the week. Thing is, he only has those two starts, and the minimum is the standard three.

    So, my question is, what happens at the end of the week? We have five goaltending categories (GS, W, GAA, SV%, SO), does he automatically lose all five for not having the minimum amount of starts? And, as such, do I automatically win those categories regardless of my stats and take those points?

    We have 12 categories total (forwards and goaltending). Let's say the week finished 6-6, would it automatically be switched to 11-1 for me because he didn't get the minimum amount of starts? Would I get those categories in my points total and overall record?

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    • Firstly to clarify, it's minimum number of appearances, not starts. That being said, if he keeps them benched and only has those two games played this week, then yes, you will win all the goaltending categories, regardless of the stats.

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      • There is a distinction between appearances and starts? Basically, let's say his goalies were not benched but did not start any games for the remainder of the week. Then, Bryzgalov's backup goes down in a game and Bryzgalov is thrown in, that counts as an "appearance"?

        And, when you say "win all the goaltending categories", does it mean I get the points?


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