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  • The Exception The Exception Feb 4, 2011 6:30 PM Flag

    need UNBIASED fantasy help? inquire within.....

    i can help you with any hockey questions you may have. fantasy or whatever.

    researched and UNBIASED thoughts and opinions.

    trophies and the knowledge to back it up.

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    • Could you please respond to my thread titled "Thought/Opinions on Trade"? Thank you :)

    • looking at another trade here little team snapshot:
      c-kopitar tavares lecavelier
      lw-ovi datsuyk burrows
      rw-kovalchuk gaborik stewart havlat
      d- lidstrom suban wiesnewski
      g- rinne varlamov anderson
      start 2 of each forward and 4 defense 2 goalie
      categories g a +/- pim pp sog w gaa sv% so

      a guy in my league has offered me st louis and steve downie for burrows and havlat... its 2 rw for a lw and rw but i have kovaluchuk who is eligble for both and can bump up as one of my lw. what do you think of the deal? if u do like the deal would you prefer to trade away havlat or stewart? and what do you think of playing three defenseman so you can have an extra forward. thanks for all the tips

    • What are the possibilities for Leighton.
      Can the flyers trade him without waivers (not sure of rules). Is that likely. Rumours around about Flyers liking Giguere, why, when they have play off experience in Leighton in the AHL.
      Generally whats going to happen to him.
      Thanks for any response.

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      • this really is a wait and see story. with the trade deadline looming, there is bound to be speculation. a team on the brink may see the upside of a goalie with a cup run under his belt.

        even if he does get back to the nhl this year, i cant see him going to a real contender, but you know what, howard has been questionable at best the last 2 months. leighton could flourish behind an experienced team like detroit.

        time will tell. keep an eye on it.

    • I've been offered Semin, Camm and Gionta and I give up Nash and Pheanuf. This is a keeper league and I know it is a great deal for me but have you heard any rumours about Semin going to the KHL after his one year deal extension is over in 2011/2012? Thanks

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      • haha....you had me accepting that deal until you threw that nugget at me about semin to the khl.

        by no means am i the be all end all, but i try to follow the nhl closely and thats the first i have heard of it. thats awesome!
        well not for you if you accept the deal and he goes.

        i will look around and see what i can find. im sure all semin owners are doing the same. all we can do is wait. in the meantime....boy, thats a hard one to pass up. celine dion phaneufs role in toronto is not the 60-70 pt dman he was in cgy. he is really not that good. i think i take this deal and worry about the rumours later. cammy should be back sometime this week and gionta shoots every chance he gets. you could probably go get a better dman than phaneuf of the FA list.

    • Hey dude, I'm not really in dire need of advice but I'd appreciate you're opinion.

      I'm a Tampa fan when I'm not rooting for Vancouver, so I have somewhat of a soft spot for a lot of their players. Anyway,

      So I know this may or may not sound surprising, but Vinny Lecavalier is sitting in my league's FA. So my question is:

      Why do so many people own him in pools? He hasn't produced awesome numbers for quite a while now. And although he makes some okay numbers, I hardly doubt that there aren't better alternatives, especially this season when he's been injured for 20 or so games.

      While you're at it, wanna give me your opinion about his worth in the NHL? Do you think he'll bounce back?

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      • vinny should be a daily play in all fantasy formats. he is an elite player and you don't loose skills like he has in a a few months or a year from injury.
        i believe it was his hand he hurt, so its not like he blew a knee or has a bad back. i have never really been sold on him over the years but he seems to get it done.

        if i'm a lecavalier owner and i get 60-75 pts out of him as my C 2 or C 3, i'm happy.

        tbay is one of the highest scoring teams in the nhl. its something i feel has value especially with the depth that team has.

    • First year in a league and want to make a trade but unsure what I should expect to get.

      Should I even bother trying to trade Malkin or just toss him?
      Should I put Rick Nash on the trading block for either some starting goaltending or high caliber defenseman?

      what should I expect to get from Nash as a two-way: LW,RW

      I'm nearly last in goaltending-currently have:
      Pavelec, Schneider, Budaj
      Defense: Myers, Yandle, Seabrook, Seidenberg

      Obviously it depends on the needs of the manager but I just have no idea what to expect

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      • ya, myers has been a let down for all most everyone in fantasy land this year.

        sounds like malkin is done for the season. the rumour i heard was IF the pens go deep, like finals, he MIGHTbe able. but thats asking him to recover from a 6 month injury in 4 months. thats what i read from nhl.com.

        so maybe it is time to drop him. i know it will look outrageous on the FA list. huge blow to anyone who has him.

        you can try to deal nash with someone else. if there are really no goalies out there and you need some offense, maybe drop schneider and only pick him up when you need a start and he usually starts in back to back games, so watch for that.

        roll a player in and out of your lineup, depending if your commish has limited the moves in your league.

    • 1 yr H2H league, sittin in 8th out of 12, wanna make a push any suggestions please

      C - H. Sedin / M. Koivu / M ribiero /

      LW - Ryan( C) / Umberger (C) / Malone

      RW - Stafford / C Stewart

      D - Hedman / Giordano / green/ timonen / goligoski

      G -Bryz/ pavelec / anderson

      thinking of dropping malone for tanguay, also looking at dropping hedman and adding a RW

      • 1 Reply to Bucko
      • i see you say, 1st yr h2h. is that insinuating it is a keeper league?
        if so, and depending how many points you need to "push" for to get in to a playoff spot, maybe try turning ribeiro and green into something. i drafted green and found a caps fan with a hard on for his boys. so i made him a an offer and he jumped all over it.

        some managers value names over other things.

        i am also waiting for stewart to shake of his time on the IR. so i am reluctant to move him in any format right now. he was hot all season before he got injured.

        stafford is streaky and you may not be able to find a buyer for him. dropping hedman is the logical choice if you can pick up the value in a RW of the FA list.

        wait and see what malone can do, he is supposed to play sunday then again on tuesday. 2 games in 3 nights. should give a good indication how he is recovering. keep tanguay on the watch list.

    • gaborik varlamov and lecavelier for halak boucher and stasny. i have rinne and anderson also as goalies so i can trade away two and only get one back. your thoughts with reasons on why or why not.

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      • the goalie carousel goes around in washington. but i like your depth with rinne and anderson. although the avs are strugglin right now. is budaj an option on FA?(just in case).

        not sure what is wrong with halak but st louis i feel will remain on the outside looking in come playoffs. which could mean, fewer wins. but halaks gaa and s% "should" remain consistent.

        you have to take the upside in vinny and gaborik. elite players IMO and should be started in all formats. shots , ppp, goals assists, they can help you in so many ways. combined with your depth in goal. if you feel it addresses you needs, and i understand you are the one getting vinny gaborik and varly, i would do it.
        good luck.

    • I am giving marleau for macarthur. the guy says he needs a center

      would this be a good deal? macarthur is also like 6 years younger so thats good in dynasty

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      • if you are legitimately thinking of making this trade, i would consider, where and who macarthur will be playing with next year. im not sure the leafs are going to have the necessary help for him to keep producing at his current pace.

        marleau on the other hand is a model of consistancy since about 2005. top line ice time and top line PP minutes.

        i think marleau is the player you keep moving forward.

        also, macarthur was not really an offensive threat during his years in buffalo or when he came over from atlanta.

        good luck.

    • Hahaha unbiased??

      ANY hockey questions? Researched?

      OK, please tell me WHY the ACC is fairly quiet?

      Oh wait, you already gave a RESEARCHED and UNBIASED answer to that in your "Leafs Fans Are Idiots" rant.

      See: http://messages.fantasysports.yahoo.com/Fantasy_Sports/Hockey/threadview?bn=fan-hockey-general&tid=111465&mid=111465

      (Please don't take seriously, just poking a little fun at you, hopefully you take it in stride ;)

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