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  • Rob L Rob L Jan 21, 2011 1:55 PM Flag

    Why is Nabby not on the players list?!!!!

    How long do you think it will take Yahoo to throw Evgeni Nabokov on the rosters?! I need him as in net for the D, as long as he passes waivers that is. In any account, he'd be a great addition to any team. Hurry up Yahoo!!!!!!

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    • I was just about to make this message to! why are there 5th string back ups who play in the minors but Nabokov isnt in the list when he had a better chance of coming back to the show compared to all those other guys! this is retarded as i was going to add him today and drop garion!

    • He doesnt have a team yet. Why would they put him on?

    • This is getting ridiculous do any of you pay attention to nabokovs contract at all He was signed by the Wings currently 29th in waivers.
      This means to get onto the Wings he must pass through 28 teams he is not in the nhl right now. And here is some advice there are teams like calgary new york islanders toronto that are in need of a goalie and for the price they signed nabokov he will not make it to the wings because he can be taken off of waivers by any of the 28 teams

    • I believe it will happen once he's officially on an NHL roster. Remember, the Wings don't have him....yet.

    • He should enter in waiver priority! It would rediculous if he didn't.

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      • We appreciate your inquiry with regard to adding Evgeni Nabakov into the
        Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Hockey player pool.

        Due to NHLPA rules, no rookie or player rejoining the league can be
        added to Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Hockey until after he joins the players
        union. All players added to the game will be introduced to the player
        pool via waivers. Rookies and veterans who are not in the game will be
        added to the available player pool as soon as possible during the

        There is no set timeframe for the addition of new players, so you may
        not see player additions on the day following their NHL debut.

        Note: You can find the list of players that have been added to the game
        by clicking "Players" then "Status Changes" to navigate to the Added
        players tab.

        Thanks for your patience as we update our available players list.

    • nhlpa rules. the players association has to activate him. it could even be after his first game before he is available for fantasy leagues

    • they will put him on tomorrow once he clears waivers and is on a NHL TEAM, if hes not signed by a NHL Team yahoo wont put him on! .... all these 4th and 5th string goalies you guys are talking about are all signed by NHL Teams and are just playing in the minors .... it's the way yahoo works they wont add players unless signed by a NHL team and wont put players on IR unless the team puts him on IR


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