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    Recruiting for Strained Resources 2011-2012

    Seeking new players for our Strained Resources Group

    We are looking for some quality fantasy hockey players to play within our tiered system. SO SIGN UP NOW FOR NEXT YEAR’S CONSIDERATION!!! Expansion next season shall be another 36 teams. (Current league participation is 162, Hoping to have 198 teams in 2010-2011!)

    These leagues are 100% Free to play and the trophies are donated/shipped at no expense to the winners. (Photo of the MASTER'S Trophy located on the group page, see below)


    The most difficult of settings. an intense set of rules, history of our leagues, etc. We've been playing this system since 2002.

    Only the strong should apply!
    * For immediate consideration, go to the following group site: (for new recruits only, there's another one for the established members only.)


    Check out the settings, and join up if this format interests you.
    Draft Type: Live Draft
    Draft Position: Every team is ranked based upon their prior season. Newcomers are ranked based upon time of arrival to their assigned league. A draft slot process is executed once the leagues are full. (See Rule A.4.1)
    Teams Per League: 18
    Scoring Type: Head to Head
    Maximum Moves: No Maximum
    Maximum Trades: No Maximum
    Trade Reject Time: 2 days Reviewed by Commissioner but voted on by the players within the league 1/3 of the league voting to veto but all who elect to veto MUST explain their position, IF they satisfy league criteria, 1/3 of the league can create a veto.
    Trade End Date: TWO Trade Deadlines (See the rules)
    Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules
    Minimum Goalie Games Appearances Per Week: 4
    Special Rules:
    Maximum Goalies Drafted: 6 (But can have as many as you wish post draft via Free Agency)
    Roster Positions: C, C, C, LW, LW, LW, RW, RW, RW, F, F, F, D, D, D, D, Util, Util, Util, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR, IR, IR, IR, IR
    Stat Categories: G, A, P, +/-, PIM, PPG, PPA, PPP, SHG, SHP, GWG, SOG, FW, GS, W, L, GA, GAA, SA, SV, SV%, SHO
    Miscellaneous Stat: Average number of posts/smacks within each league over 5 years of play for the year: 850 (High of 2,653)

    Drafts: (3 hours in length, minimum for each, although some teams just stick around for the first half of the draft)
    Tier 4
    IHL (reopening in 2011-2012)
    AHL (reopening in 2011-2012)
    Tier 3 (Currently mixed top performers in Tier 4 with moderately perfoming players in Tier 3 and poorly performing players from Tier 2 from the prior season):
    Tier 2 – Contains member from prior year as such: exceptionally performing members of tier 3; moderate performers from tier 2 and poor performers from the Masters.
    Tier 1 – THE MASTERS (Contains the top 8 players from last years Masters, with the top 8 from Tier 2 and Winner's Pass players)

    * - It's got to be this way, but you've got to go through the motions with us, in order for us to know if you can follow basic instructions!

    For more history, go to the prior years' recruitment link below:

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    • Im very active. Currently have 4 keeper/dynasty teams. as2022@nova.edu

    • im in auffrey04123@yahoo.com

    • More group testimonials... Join up for next season!

      March 17, 2009
      “I just wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed my first year in Strained Resources. I've floated around a few home leagues and I keep trying various public leagues, but I've never been pushed so hard to keep on top of injuries and player news. I actually have a rekindled joy in watching AHL games now that I'm following so many prospects.
      It was certainly a bit a learning curve and autodrafting wasn't a great way to start the season, but hopefully I can make up for that in the playoffs.
      So, just a quick thanks for introducing me to the league and Good Luck in your division(s).”
      P.s.. My commissioner in Patrick barely squeaked into the Consolation playoffs.. Hopefully the other commissioners are being sufficiently harsh with their razzings ;)

      “Mia and the rest of the management gang...
      I know I have told you this before, but I wanted to post this to let
      you know that you guys are doing one hell of a job with this league!
      I have just looked at all of the .xls sheets and the rules and
      mission statement and it looks like you guys really have your stuff
      This has got to be the greatest fantasy sports project on the face
      of the earth and I for one am so glad that I saw your posting on the
      Yahoo Hockey message board last year!
      If you guys need any assistance or are looking for a helper, I would
      like to throw my hat into the ring.
      I can truly say that I am done with Yahoo public leagues forever! I
      just hope that we have an NHL to allow us to do this league in the
      Thanks for all of your effort. I can only hope that the other
      players enjoy your time and effort as much as I do.”
      Doug (Doug's Goon Squad)

      “...the best run/managed pool on the internet"
      Hockey Hooligans (2007-2009 Patrick Division)

    • Yet even more testimonials...

      “this is the only format that i think is worth playing in. it just can't be more competitive than this. when you need to have players like Methot and Pouliot to get to the top, you know that is a tough as it gets. So everyone looking for a challenge, THIS IS THE LEAGUE FOR YOU !!!!

      for all the rest of you wankerz... steer clear :)

      As a 4th year vet of this format all i have to say to newbies:
      DO NOT ASPIRE TO GET TO MASTERS ! I've been there for 1 (one!!!) season and my view of the world got so horribly corrupted/perverted that it'll need years and years to get it back to normal :)

      for those of you who have been offended by forza's email... its mild considering with what’s going on in tier1. so please if you value your innocence, keep losing in your tier/league. Don’t try to be promoted. :)

      me on the other hand, being exposed and corrupted already, have nothing to lose, thus the only thing that is left is to get back there. So let me shield you from this onslaught by allowing me to get up there in your place :P”
      HobgolinVasya (Posted 8/2009…Masters Division 2008-2009)

      “I have been a part of fantasy hockey for about 8 seasons now and I can vouch for the toughness of this group! Unless you love hockey, love hockey stats, love to talk, eat and sleep hockey this is not for you. I have worked my way up to Masters and am now entering my third season as a master. I can truly tell you that it is worth the blood, sweat and tears. The managers in masters are ELITE. I have been a part of many other leagues and can truly say that I consider this as being the toughest in the game!!! So if you think you have what it takes to go up against some of the greatest hockey minds in fantasy hockey this is for you.

      The Strained Resources is truly an exclusive family of die hard hockey fans...if you know your hockey and want to test yourself against the best: SIGN UP!!!”
      ForzaIsles (Posted 8/2009…Masters Division 2008-2010; Commissioner of Tier 3’s PATRICK Division)

    • More testimonials...

      “This is my first year in this league, and it's very challenging. If you're in next year, do your pre-draft homework. That's about the best advice I can give you. Use all the resources available.

      It's not like any other league out there. It's a terrific league. What I like the most about it is that (in my league anyway), 100% of the teams are active. Even the ones that have no hope in hell to make the playoffs. Great league ...”
      Quagmire (Posted 2/2008…Now in Tier 2, the Campbell Conference)

      “I've been associated with these leagues for some time and I will tell you, you won't find a more challenging format anywhere. Words can't explain it, it must be experienced. But you MUST be prepared. Study the format, learn it, recite it in your sleep. Your draft depends on it. :)”
      Phaneuf is Enough (Posted 8/2009…Now in Tier 1, The Masters)

      “I've been in this system for about 8 years, and never placed higher than 4th. This is an extremely challenging league, and I would recommend any serious fantasy hockey player to join.”
      Springfield Isotopes (Posted 8/2009…Now in Tier 2, the Campbell Conference; Commissioner of tier 3’s NORRIS Division)

    • Testimonial from one of our players...

      great league Hook. I locked up the president's trophy in Adams in my first year. And now off to the playoffs!

      You'll have no problems filling up all the leagues next year. The league i was in, was 100% active until the end. Sure beats facing a bunch of dead teams, week after week. It makes all the difference when you know that the team in 17th place (no hope of making the playoffs) will give you & everyone else a good challenge in the final weeks. Awesome! I'm already looking forward to next year.

      Professor Chaos (a.k.a. Quagmire)
      (Currently in Tier 2's Campbell Conference, where he's currently in 1st place for 2010-2011)

    • Interested in joining. Currently in a private league with friends but half of them are inactive for long stretches.

      • 2 Replies to jbolt
      • We'll be starting our 9th season next year...and we are IRON clad about inactivity, once it happens, in those handful of cases, those players are never invited back...and we've had some players who's achieved very well in one year, then only to flame out the next and get banned. Conversely, we've also had ONE team that started out in dead last, got to 6th by the end of the regular season, and went on to win the league in the playoffs...The TRULY great fantasy hockey manager is the one who can deal with significant injuries and roster setbacks, and alter their future by trading/free agency/waivers. It's incredibly easy to just bail...all of us in our leagues have had our fill of that crap...These leagues, you MUST know the incoming rookies; the minor league stars that are on the verge of a callup to the show...etc. This is for the absolute extreme fantasy hockey manager...and with the one year setting, everyone starts from scratch year to year.

      • btw thats remorsecode (at) gmail (dot) com

    • I am very interested and am very active!
      my email is hurrrlz@hotmail.com or adam.hurley64@yahoo.com.
      Looking forward to playing against you.


    • i am interested.

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