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  • McNasty McNasty Jan 12, 2011 2:20 PM Flag

    Shutting down a league

    Is there any way a Yahoo staffer could delete our league?

    The commish of our league has two teams. The day after the draft he tried to trade all of his good players onto one team. This got vetoed by the league twice. Then he changed the trading rules to no voting and pushed the trade through.

    Despite doing this, he still wasn't getting close to the league leaders, so he dropped all of the players off of the #1 team's squad and locked their roster.

    He is now dropping the best players from everyones teams and putting them on his team, and locking rosters, message posting etc.

    At least we could still salvage some of the time we've spent drafting and managing our teams when it was just collusion. Now it really is a complete waste.

    Could someone delete our league to deprive him of the e-gold medal that he has always dreamed of?

    League ID 97930, account holder is yowassupeh and his garbage account is SmokeyBear Eh.

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