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  • Mark Mark Jan 10, 2011 12:27 PM Flag

    Was I delusional?

    I was certain I would have one of the best teams in my 8 team league... things aren't working out. Here's who I have now:

    C- Thornton, Backstrom, and Kesler
    LW- Marleau, Heatley, Lucic, Avery
    RW- Semin, Franzen, Downie
    D- Yandle, Whitney, Edler, Liles
    G- Halak, Crawford

    Did I not draft a great team? Should I try to move people? I can't fathom these people not picking their game up, how long can I honestly wait?

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    • Jay O, congrats on the page long response. Damn thats commitment

    • Besides not having the greatest of net minders, and it looks like you picked up a couple of Dmen in Yandle and Edler, I would say when you drafted you looked to much at the totals of the last few years of players and not enough in the trends of there individual play.

      Thornton is on pace for around 70 plus points as is Heatley, and they were both players you were expecting at least a point per game not the 15 to 20% reduction or 0.85 points they are currently averaging. Yes they might still turn it around but each of them would need to average would need to average almost 0.5 points more each and every game for the rest of the season to hit the 85 points you were expecting.

      Marleau is also a huge "disappointment" this season, he is performing on the same scale as his teammates, and although not everyone believes Marleau is a point a game player, he is playing close to his career average and that's never a bad thing for a player with 13 years under thier belt.

      If you had been paying close attention to the Sharks over the past couple of seasons you would have noticed that they are in the process of transitioning the offensive responsibilities of the team to the younger players such as Pavalski, Clowe and Coutre - Joe's career is winding down, Heatleys has peeked and Marleuas will never be much better than it is now, it's all in the stats and looking at the trends of the player and the team would have exposed that.

      Backstrom and to a lesser degree Semin's fortunes mirror Washington's, with Semin how ever we have a oft injured player who's play on any given day ranges from mercurial to mediocre. In fairness he looks to get around 75 points which is not to shabby, as is Backstrom, which will give him a really decent career average. For the last couple of years the capitals have been an offensive powerhouse - now everyone strives to shut them down. The points totals, although not as you had hoped are still decent enough.

      Right there you have 5 forwards under performing by at least 15% which means 50 - 60 points out of your lineup that you have to try and make up with bench depth and situational play.

      I have to ask you, when you drafted did you have a strategy or did you just take the best positional player available?

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      • You make a lot of good points. I know a lot of my frustration comes from expecting growth year after year which, obviously, isn't reasonable.

        Admittedly, I was very thrown off by the Live draft we had. Three goalies went in the frist round. I had the 8th (last) pick and got Backstrom, then Heatley. Everything after that didn't play out like I thought it would from all the mock drafts I did (we had our draft order for about two weeks before the draft), mostly because all the goalies were gone! Since my plan was foiled from the start, I did resort to picking up top players in the forward positions. The D-men I drafted, except for Liles who I picked up when Markov went down.

        I think what has me thrown is that it's all of my top 5 picks, and while I know their numbers are decent, it just left me with a decent team instead of the dominant one I thought I had.

        So, do you think I should look at moving someone? As of now, the Sharks are out of the playoffs, but better than teams that are above the 8 spot. You think they'll start pushing hard soon? And how about end of the season ideas... 6 of 8 teams in my league make the playoffs, so I really only need 3 or 4 good weeks out of these guys.

        Thanks for the ideas!


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