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  • Amanda Amanda Jan 8, 2011 11:45 AM Flag

    Drop Brodeur?

    Should I just drop him? Would like to pick up either Jose Theodore or Scott Clemmensen since they are getting regular starts right now and Marty is dead weight that sinks my GK stats (and hurts my playoff chances) week after week. Anyone else pulled the trigger on a move like this? I see he is being started in barely over 50% of leagues at this point...

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    • Theodore or Clemmensen would be good replacements but if Crawford's or Boucher are available . They're better pick ups. Oh and yes drop Brodeur as fast as you possibly can! Good Luck

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      • I would suggest picking up Boucher, he's on a good team with a rookie goalie.

        I'm having the same debate, although I pulled the trigger on a trade for Lundqvist last week (for Datsyuk straight up!) so Marty is sitting on my bench until further notice.

        I'm in the play-offs right now and will hold off on dropping Marty.BUT, If I slip in the standings I'll drop him to bolster my line-up.

        While unlikely I'm hoping he gets traded, but I doubt that will happen.

        It really depends on what other goalies you have and if you feel comfortable with them. With that trade I know have Thomas, Lundqvist, Crawford and Marty.

    • Still owned by 87% though. many people are still waiting for his resurgence. If you are already in playoff position don't waive him.

    • I have the same problem. Should i Drop Brodeur or Neuvirth?

    • do it now he sucks this year i dropped him finally last week it took me awhile to finally do it and let him go but i did it and i picked up Roloson who is starting in Tampa and has a shutout and a one goal game so far except for one sh*tty game in between where he gave up 6 goals but that was against Pitt and his shutout came agains Caps pick him up if available Tampa is a good young team who should get decent amount of wins wit Rolie in goal

    • I would caution against Clem, but picking up Theodore might work for you. Hard to find decent goalies on the FA. I dropped Marty for Roloson as soon as he was traded to TB. Someone in my league grabbed Marty off waivers, but I don't see it working out for him unless he gets traded somewhere.

    • I dropped him for Niemi a few weeks back....He hasnt been picked up off the wire since...

    • I just dropped him a few seconds ago for Boucher! Marty was killing me and Boucher gets regular starts with an elite team and can only improve my stats......can't get worse than Marty this year! Plus with Bobrovsky slumping............and then I dropped Phaneuf lol! I am in 3rd of 12 and with these 2 stumps off my roster there is nowhere to go but up!


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