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  • Ardo Ardo Jan 4, 2011 10:37 PM Flag

    Byfuglien Trade?

    got offered this trade. it has buy-low/sell-high written all over it, but damn those 2 guys are risky:

    I get: doughty + kovalchuk

    I give: a couple of dustins (byfuglien + penner)

    we all know if you're not in a playoff spot in a competitive league by now, you're just about f***ed if you don't make an aggressive move soon. this guy offering DD + Kovy is currently sitting 8th of 14 in a league where 6 make the playoffs. I'm currently 2nd with a very comfortable lead over 3rd and the rest of the pack.

    worth pulling the trigger? byfuglien's been a monster but I fear the cool down coming...

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    • im currently first in my league so i feel you there. my thoughts are this. if your on top or close to the top, your doing something right> kovy is not gonna heat up. that team is to bad all around and he has no help. so stay pat thats a bad trade if your getting bufglyn

    • can you get better than kovy for him?

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      • yea theory I'm not usually one to mess with something that's working, so I tend to agree with you. it's DD that attracted me to that trade, I think he's poised for a breakout and he's on a pretty damn good team. if byfuglien ends up cooling off and doughty comes alive, I might regret it. I mean byfuglien only scored 17 goals last year as a forward, I don't know how many more points to expect from him this year. penner's got 40-goal potential, but not this year and certainly not in edmonton, but I'm starting to agree that not even he is worth it for kovy.

        sb, I tried to get st. louis + DD but was rejected, then I tried bobby ryan + DD and got rejected. I'm thinking you're both right though, will probably hold out for a top 25 player otherwise I'll just ride byfuglien out. even if he cools he just needs a few of his ridiculous nights w/ multiple power play points to be gold in the playoffs.

    • byfuglien's been doin it for half a season now man...what makes you think he's gonna cool off?

      kovys been off for half a season now..what makes you think he's gonna heat up?

      stick with what you have IMO

    • if you have to ask wheteher this is a good move to make to boost you up the rankings,then how did you get there in the first place?????big buff and penner what a steal!!!!!!!buff is already way past his career high in points,and penner had a career high last year and isn't getting there again this year.true doughty and kovi's numbers are down but doughty is being asked to log 30 plus mins a night something he hasn't done in the nhl yet.once he gets used to it his points will come.and even tho nj sucks royally kovi scored no less than 29 goals in any year he was with atlanta and played with alot less talent.those kinda guys don't jus forget how to score they are streaky.dumb not to make this trade.

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      • I really don't think it's as cut and dry as you're saying. I've made it up the rankings by playing conservative and turning down high risk/high reward plays. I agree with almost everything you're saying, but I don't share your confidence on Kovy which is the only reason I'm hesitating. sure, Penner is not going to do much in Edmonton this year, but he's still pretty much a lock for 55 points, which is more than I can say for Kovy right now. not to mention Penner's -4 looks Lidstrom-esque when you put it next to Kovy's -20, and I happen to have a team that does pretty well in +/- so I'm hesitant to tweak that stat.

        really, if I could get a better winger than Kovy out of this trade, I'd make it in a second. I don't think Buff is going to slow down much, but I also don't think he finishes the season as the 5th RANKED PLAYER IN ALL OF HOCKEY. I think DD is in line for a better 2nd half than byfuglien, he's going to find his scoring touch sooner than later. but SB made a good point - kovy has done nothing all year. why should we assume he's going to heat up in the 2nd half when NJ will have absolutely nothing to play for and Kovy is wondering why he didn't just sign in the KHL....

    • pull the trigger i would say, help with my buff trade

      buff and burrows
      zetterberg and boyle

    • There will be no cooling down for this guy. He has been hot all season so far. I don't think Kovy is going to do much until Parise comes back and NJ makes some drastic moves. His +/- is killer!!!

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      • yea, I don't usually put much stock in +/-, but when a guy is liable to put up a -7 in a single week (with 2 or less points to boot), that's just a stat killer.

        I don't think I'm going to make this trade unless I can get someone better than kovy out of it. big buff is ranked 5th overall right now, I'm going to keep dangling him for another top 20 player since I'm pretty deep at both RW and D.

    • i wouldnt get rid of byfulign at all he might cool off a little but i doubt it hes been a monster all year and getting kovy just isnt worth it this year his head is somewhere else this year and dougherty is a great add but hes not the same dougherty as lastyear i feel hes great but off to a slow start

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      • I do feel like doughty will turn it on in the 2nd half. that team is just too good and the better Quick plays, the more confidence Doughty can have outside the blue line. I think there's a good chance he outperforms Byfuglien over the course of the 2nd half, but it's not worth the risk if Kovy's the best I can get as a throw-in. I'm holding out for a better winger on top of Doughty before I make this trade. teams are only going to get more desperate as the trade deadline approaches...

    • you're a fool to take kovie n doughty for buf n penn...penner ain't great but byf is better than kovie n doughty put together, at this point anyway...n kovie is a huge downgrade from penner stats wise...he'll bring ur team down w/ him..now he's just a fancy name

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      • just to be clear, when I posted this question, I hadn't looked too closely into Kovy's stats and didn't realize just how bad he is this year. at this point there's no way I'm making this trade unless someone better than Kovy gets thrown in.

        but I COMPLETELY disagree with you that Byfuglien is better than Kovy and Doughty combined. the whole point of considering this trade is that Byfuglien is playing above his sustainable level right now (he WILL taper off. he's NOT going to finish the season ranked 5th in fantasy scoring) while Doughty is playing well below his. I do honestly believe Doughty puts up slightly better stats over the course of the 2nd half. but I'm not going to take that risk unless I get a much better winger than Kovy thrown in.


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