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  • Daryn Daryn Dec 27, 2010 3:15 AM Flag


    FIX this! I use C and Ws in my league make him a CENTER!!!! i already emailed the help customer care or whatever why cant anything be done about this

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    • They won't do anything about it. David Backes is the true player that needs an eligibility adjustment. He was a C for most of last season (with over 500 faceoffs) and has been a C almost this entire season. He is 32nd in the league in faceoffs with 521 draws; yet, yahoo still will not upgrade him. Yahoo thinks it best to give Umberger, Eberle, Ennis added positionality.

      It is frustrating because they will do adjustments they shouldn't but will not do the ones they should. Just wait, Jeff Skinner will get the C eligibility for his whopping 40 faceoffs.

    • so is claude giriox....... i here ya

    • it takes a good while, a couple years back when Dustin Byuflein was just getting in with the Hawks he was listed as a defensman for most of the season even though he played the majority of the season as a wing.

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      • It takes a "good while" with some, and less while with others. I actually think the various tech guys working on positionality are in a hockey pool themselves and like to look to their own players. David Backes has 521 draws this year. To fair to the fellas complaining about Briere, he was a C and RW last year, so Yahoo has no excuses. Briere has taken over 400 draws this year. So has Giroux for that matter....


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