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  • snivo101 snivo101 Dec 7, 2010 5:10 PM Flag

    2011 NHL All Star Voting

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    Re: 2011 NHL All Star Voting 1 minute ago
    sure why not???

    i like patrick kane (injured)*
    roberto luongo*
    kris versteeg
    clarke macarthur
    sidney crosby*
    bobby ryan
    derek roy
    sam gagner*
    joe pavelski
    paul stasny
    zach parise (if he wasnt injured)
    ryan kesler*
    the ones with stars r the ones i would vote 4 ;)

    oh and dont mind fear121, i have some dude just like that in my league.....he trashes every 1 but hes in last lol!!!!!
    theyre just losers that love internet because they can hide and nowone can see them :)


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