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  • Nick Nick Oct 20, 2010 3:49 AM Flag

    Kopecky or Pominville

    I would assume the line Kopecky's playing on, plus his current duel eligibility, makes him a no-brainer. Pick him up fast before someone else does.

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    • I'd really like to add Kopeky... but.

      C: Kopitar, Marleau (c,lw)
      RW: Knuble, Pevelski (c,rw), Downie
      LW: Parise, D. Sedin, J. Jokinen,

      Anyone I drop will over the course of the season should end up ahead of Kopecky. He's just too off the radar to drop any of these guys I know and trust for.

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      • Pick up Kopecky now. Like right now, anyone that can. He will be the real deal, I guarantee it. Detroit really missed out on this kid. Hes a second round draft pick, thats nothing to sneeze at. While with the Wings, he was used as a checker, playing with Maltby, Draper and Cleary, those type of guys. By no means am I bashing their play, but theyre no current leader in points, Marian Hossa, or an incredibly talented young kid like Toews. Kopecky could still succeed on the second like with Sharp and Kane, hes golden. The guy was given the opportunity, and he is going to run with it, Im tellin ya.

        Dropping Jokinen would likely be a better move, seeing as Carolina has not looked good in the early going, and they just dont have the scoring depth to do well. They will rely a lot on Ward this year. However, dropping Downie would not be the wordt thing either, depending the league youre in of course. Downie will give you points across the categories, but minimal I think. With Gagne going to Tampa, and Stamkos evolving, not to mention Malone, St. Louis and Lecavalier, I just cant see Downie putting up many points.

        Take Kopecky, you will not regret it.