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  • Jeffery Jeffery Oct 11, 2010 8:45 AM Flag

    Inactive GM's

    I'm left with a tough decision this early in the season. I'm the commish of my league and all i ask is ev1 stays active but i have one GM who hasn't been active since Aug.

    My 2 choices are :
    1) Find a replacement, which i think would be hard to do.
    2) Strip his team and divide the players among the rest of the league. It's H2H league so how would it work if i locked him out and would it cause a problem week to week when he goes against another GM?

    need a solution

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    • find a replaceent, it is easy as pie to find 1

    • i would be glad to take over the team

    • Find a replacement ,post a message for a replacement and you send it to yahoo with team name and leagues ID along with the old managers yahoo ID and it will be done in a day or 2 .I had the similar problem.

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      • Really? Yahoo does that? Interesting....

        I have tried to get in the habit of benching everyone's roster as soon as the draft is over. That way if someone doesn't show up before the season starts, they don't score anything and it can be decided how to deal with that.

        Dropping the roster is tricky especially after waiver claims have been used already. People will claim they would have not used their higher priority if they had known someone's 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks were going to be available. There really isn't a fair way to do it.

        My advice is to stay away from public leagues and try and get a base group of managers who you know will be active and stick with that private league. Better camaraderie and banter can be had with people who know each other. Things can still happen with people though, so it isn't fool proof. But I believe private leagues to be more enjoyable and with longtime combatants.

      • Well, the inactive GM has 3 days to show up into the league, otherwise i will lock him out and then search for another one.
        My worst pet peeve when it comes to Fantasy Hockey.
        Thanks for the advice.


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