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    Keeper Help

    So during the later part of the year I ended up taking over the last place team in a keeper league. I know I need some work but I am looking for any advice or comments about who I should keep. We can keep either 6 or 7 keepers. My team is:

    C- O. Jokinen, E. Staal, Savard, Regin Lombardi, Gagner, Elias (LW), Briere (RW), Frolik (RW)

    LW- Elias (C), Penner, Hartnell, A. Kostitsyn, J. Jokinen,

    RW- Frolik (C), Briere (C), Stempniak, Holmstrom

    D- Chara, Markov, Robidas, McCabe

    G- Lehtonen, Ellis, Smith, Conklin

    There are some available FA's that I would consider picking up as keepers: Booth, Bouwemeester, and Arnott

    As you can see I have alot of work to do but I do have some upsides.

    I was thinking for my keepers: E. Staal, Chara, Markov, Lehtonen, Savard, J. Jokinen, then maybe Stempniak or Elias.

    Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.

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