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  • adam67ca adam67ca Mar 30, 2010 12:48 AM Flag

    Deep pockets in Winnipeg move

    Rumour that billionaire David Thomson of Toronto
    is the deep pockets behind a move to Winnipeg from
    Arizona, would be certain of one thing;
    David Thomson has V E R Y D E E P

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    • I am all for another Canadian team but....

      Winnipeg went broke on a $15 million dollar payroll. How in the hell are they gonna manage twice that plus an old arena?

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      • Time to get real people...

        There are a dozen markets across Canada that are WAY bigger. Furthermore, those individuals with the "VERY DEEP" pockets generally reside in and around the larger populations in the country. Why would anyone want to purchase a team and place them in a small market that has ALREADY FAILED with much smaller salaries, has only a 15,000 seat arena and would be out of their way to go and watch their team?

        If any team is returning to one of it's old markets in Canada it's Quebec.

        Lastly, can Bettman really afford to take a chance at relocating a team only to have it fail? NO! That could very well mean the end of his career in the NHL. Bettman would only relocate a team if it had an EXCELLENT, ALMOST GUARANTEED, chance to thriving in it's new market and unfortunately for 'Peggers that counts you out.

    • One can only hope. I'd love to see another team in the Peg


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