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  • Timmy Timmy Mar 27, 2010 4:01 AM Flag

    goalie save percentage

    Looking over past nights it doesn't seem like save percentage is calculated like I thought. I thought if 2 goalies play and one has a save percentage of .500 and the other gets a shut out 1.000, then the save percentage would be .750.

    I believe now that save percentage is saved as 2 stats for the category... shots on net and goals allowed. So if one goalie had 20 shots on net and saved 17, while the other goalie had 48 shots and stopped 46 the stat would be a combination of the totals.

    Way I thought: .850 + .958 = .904 total

    way I think: 68 shots.... 63 saves = .926 total

    It makes a big difference when picking up goalies that see few shots a game vs guys that see 45 shots nightly.

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