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  • Kenny Kenny Mar 22, 2010 3:30 PM Flag

    Tie breaker rules need to change

    This way of breaking a tie basically means that your entire playoff week was a big old waste of time. How can you decide a tie this week with the way your team performed months ago? In no way does how your team performed months back have any relevance on how they performed this week. I would bet that your team is 50% different now then it was the last time you played each other.

    Like I said in another post, lets just do away with game 7 in the NHL and look back at the season series to decide the winner. And if that was a tie, just give it to the team with the home advantage.

    Here is my idea to make this fair. Both teams points carry over and they continue to play on Monday. If a winner is decided after Monday, he/she moves along and the points carry over to the next rounds match, as if you were playing "two" matches that day. If still tied after Monday, kills me to say, coin flip for winner. It is the only fair way.

    When the regular season is over, it is playoff time. Don't ruin fantasy hockey for me again next year Yahoo. Change this stupid rule.

    What do you think of current system?
    New ideas to fix this horrible unlogical system?

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    • This is my 10th and last year here. This tie-breaker is BS. For 9 years the team with more Goals or Goalie wins got the tie-breaker.

      Did you take a vacation with your family during the regular season only to get screwed by this rule in the playoffs? Were you confined to a hospital bed for a couple weeks during the regular season and lose your playoff series because of that?

      I'm taking my leagues to CBS next year, they don't determine winners in the playoffs because your family member beat cancer while you helped take care of them!

      If they'd have publicized this rule change at the beginning of the year I wouldn't be typing this now.

      In 1981 when the Reds had the best record in MLB due to a split season and were frozen out of the playoffs I swore off the MLB. I haven't watched a single baseball game for 29 years.

      Yahoo just made the same category as MLB as far as I'm concerned.

    • I had a 5-5- tie at the end! I also tied the other team one of the 2 times I played them in the regulars season, but lost the other match up, and I just finished writing the same complaint to yahoo, as I feel the same way about this silly rule , not to mention the time wasted watching certain players in particular just so I could be in the thick of things. I won 5 out of 7 nights during the championship week, wins in reg season, points in reg season and win percentage, yet the tie breaker comes from games played with different players on the team. This is kind of like Pittsburgh winning the cup this year and Ryan Whitney getting a ring! That's how stupid this rule is!!!!! I'm not a sore loser, as I placed 1st 2nd and 2nd in the 3 leagues I was in, but I would have loved to win the first head to head championship I have been in, especially since it was the only head to head league I had ever played in!

    • I think the better tiebreaker would be Points.

      Ex: It's 6-6. I loose Goaltender stats very close. (Like my GAA: 2.03 and his 2.01 and etc) He win the goal category 6 to 5, but I win the Assist cat?gori 19 to 4. It look like my player produce better than his. I think points category should determinate the tie braker. It that way, it only consider the week you do and not the other week and consider you skater perfomance. If it still tie, the Win category would be consider.

      Anyway, I don't think the playoff is realy fair. Look at my situation. In semi-final, I was agains the team who finish in 1 during the regular season. He loose only 2 or 3 time in the season (Injury problem). It the semi-final, I beet him 10-2. He only got a weeker week. I've finish 6th in regular season. I will end the pool with a better ranking. I'm happy with that cause I was a very active manager, but do it seem fair? He will end 3 or 4. He only loose 2 or 3 time in the season. Anyway, I think that's the game

    • I completely disagree. I think its much fairer by going with what happened in the regular season.

    • almost happened to me but yahoo made a mistake

    • It already been change and you still complainting

    • The rich get rich eh? You make 100K per year. I don't have a job until 6 months into the year. Then I start making 200K per year. At the end of the year we are tied in money. Does that make you richer than me?

      No struggling player before new years could ever become a superstar by the end of the season.

      If Ovech starts with 20 goals and Kane starts with 10, it doesn't matter if they tie with 50 at the end of the year, Ovech still wins most goals.

      If you win the last 20 games of the year to make the playoffs in 8th seed you deserve to lose instead of playing a game 7.

      Someone please make a good arguement FOR this rule so I can just shut up already.

    • We didn't use 1 day to decide. We didn't use the full week to decide. We used nothing from the playoffs to decide the playoffs. That is my point. But if you still feel it is legit to say I don't deserve to win because I tied a "better" player, then I guess i'll stop bickering with you...

      BTW, if he was so much better and deserving, why didn't he beat me instead of a tie?

      Also, I like the averages idea. That way if you want to move your team everyday, it can count against you. But either way, give a few different options to the commish and let him decide.

    • Seriously does no one follow the rule ties goes to the champion. Quite simple actually, a better winning percentage or seeding indicates supieriority, as does having a higher seed. Quite simply tie goes to the champ, and to become the champ you actually have to win not tie.

    • All im saying is that you cannot use a single day as a sudden death way of tiebreaking. When you play a full week the number of games per player on your team usually ends up relatively similar. If you have an injury on your team, you have a full week to plan accordingly.

      On any single day, no two teams are guaranteed to have a comparable amount of players/skill on the ice. One team could be loaded with all chicago players for instance, and the only game that night is chicago and detroit. Not fair for the other player. You have no way of preparing for that single day of competition nor can you afford to disassemble your team for the players who may be playing on the night of your sudden death. It's a totally ridiculous suggestion.

      And yes, again... If you couldnt put the game away this week, and you havent in the past, you dont deserve to win. I dont care how many goals you scored, you lost, and then you couldnt win when it counted. Quit complaining.

      Crosby and Ovechkin are not the only two hockey players, simply the easiest example of elite players that everyone reading will recognize. Dont mock me and get over yourself. You may not have lost, but you certainly havent won all year, so you dont deserve to move on.

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